Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Homeward Bound

Well after 5 weeks my parents are finally coming home from their vacation in Arizona. They’ve been traveling all around Arizona visiting with family and friends. Enjoying the wonderfully warmer, sunny weather that blesses Arizona during the winter months.

However, it’s been a little difficult for Amira as she doesn’t understand why Grandma and Grandpa always have to go on “cation”. I told her it’s a benefit to being retired, to which she just looks at me with that puzzled look on her face like I’m speaking “Spanish”. For Amira if she doesn’t understand what someone is saying or a particular word she’ll call it Spanish………LOL

Anyway, I told Amira last night while I was cooking dinner for us that Grandma and Grandpa were finally on their way home and would arrive sometime today. In the mist of concentrating on cooking our dinner I could hear Amira over my shoulder doing something. When I finally turned around I found the table filled with food, containers and Ziploc baggies. I asked what she was doing to which she told me that she was getting food ready for Grandma and Grandpa. She had packed two storage containers with equal amounts of cheese shaped like Mickey Mouse along with two tomatoes, two apples and two Ziploc baggies with a pickle slice in each bag. She so proudly packed them up already for deliver today. I smiled at this sight with tears welling in my eyes at all the hard work and thought she put into welcoming her long lost grandparents.

Needless to say during a break today I called my parents to see if they made it home and pleasantly mom answered the phone….whew! (As an aside, you can rest assured that if they hadn’t arrived home today Amira would have us on the road, driving to wherever Grandma and Grandpa might be between Arizona and California to take their care package to them.) :-)

I can hardly wait for this reunion tonight as I’m not sure who misses whom more, Amira or her Grandparents.


PH said...

Glad your parents are back home :) ... Amira reminds me of my little sister whenever I call she asks when am I coming home; except she asks for presents and doesn't offer any :P.


Anonymous said...

Princess small deserved tribute
I am happy return parents Safety


MusicLover said...

My Girl

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Better Leave My Little Girl Alone

UT said...

Happy your parents are back, safe and sound.

Take care .