Sunday, May 16, 2010

How do you spend your Sunday?

Today (Sunday) started out with some high cloud coverage with temperatures setting in the mid 70's with a slight breeze. Amira and I decided to spend some time in our backyard, dedicated the name “Peace Garden” by Amira. She decided to bring her dolls outside and set them on the lounge chair to sun bathe as the clouds temporarily parted bringing a beautiful blue sky and bright sun.

She then decided to drag out a table and set of chairs she had in her bedroom for a tea party.

But the part I really loved was the "basketball net" she decided to attach to the back of the house. Pictures below---for truly I could not describe it as well as the pictures show it. :-)

Before going on, I have to tell you her "tools" for attaching it to the house and her thought process behind using these tools.

2-massage oil

Tape for the obvious reason of adhering it to the wall. When I asked about the other two "tools" she stated the massage oil was "kinda sticky and the soap dried things", which apparently was serving as another adhesive. Pretty smart cookie, eh?

While I was sitting in the "peace garden" reading a book she returned inside to do something. She eventually returned to the backyard and said that she wanted me to come inside with her and jump. Jump???? "Jump on what", I asked. She suggested I come inside so she could show me. Of course being a mom---told her she had to clean up the backyard first then I'd come inside.

After everything was clean, we went inside. To my utter surprise I found her mattress sitting in the living room for her jumping pleasure. Again, pictures attached as they say far more than words.

So, that's how we spent our Sunday. How about you?

Friday, May 14, 2010


Life is funny – Had one of those ‘Aha’ or ‘Good Grief’ moments today. Realized as a single mom with virtually no alone time to really speak of----I essentially threw away my younger years wasting my entire “nobody to worry about but me” time pining over not being married and have a family yet. Stupid, stupid, stupid

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

School of Life

Dad is home and recovering nicely. He went for a walk yesterday-delighted to start doing it again. He's determined to live life as he believes he still has much to do and see. What I learned from this whole experience was that until that moment he came out of surgery I'd been merely existing since my mom passed---not really living. I believe this is also true for my dad and brother. Here's to learning how to live!

Michael Bernard Beckwith--Your life began in the heart and mind of the Infinite. Mentally relive the days when as a child you ran free, when there were infinite possibilities of what you could feel, accomplish, and see in the world. Allow for the energy of your remembered freedom to thunder through you, and you will free yourself from the false obstacles your adult life has put in your path.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a day!

Around 11 a.m. I received a text message from my brother stating the Angiogram revealed a 90% blockage in one artery and 50% in a couple other ones. Immediately contacting him to inquire further he stated they were scheduling an ambulance to take dad from Kaiser to Mercy hospital which is one of the best-known cardiology hospital in the U.S. to have a stint put in.

I raced down to the other hospital and was blessed to find my dad just minutes before wheeling him off to surgery. You could certainly see he was scared, but at the same time he was relieved they found something and were handling it quickly.

Total time was around an hour and a half, then his cardiologist came out bearing pictures and sharing explanations. He indicated the right artery going into the heart was extremely calcified which was a challenge, but in the end he was able to insert two stints. He said the other blockages were minor and could be treated with medication. He said dad was in good shape and should be let go the next day.

As soon as dad came out of surgery and was being wheeled to his room we walked beside him; he was awake and talking. Within an hour of the surgery you could see his color in his face and body return and his hands had started to regain warmth. By 9:30 last night they were removing the sandbag from his leg which was being used as pressure on his femoral artery.

More than anything, dad shared he was hungry. Hahahahahaha So like our family! They managed to round up a delicious dinner which he ate, then caught some rest.

Mere words of thanks do not seem adequate enough to say for the overwhelming appreciation I have for your love, support and most of all prayers. Truly we are blessed to have you in our lives.

With love,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prayer request

Recently (about a week ago and a half ago) my dad shared with me that he went in for his annual physical and during said visit he shared with his doctor a slight burning he's felt in his chest when he either rides his bike up hills or walks up hills, but once he's been doing it for a period of time the burning subsides. Moroever, he shared that when he does his rigious indoor physical activity this burning sensation never occurs.

His doctor was concerned about hearing this information and scheduled a treadmill exam, which he has completed. He was then referred to see a Cardiologist which he saw yesterday. The Cardiologist was impressed with my dad's treadmill results----indicated he was in really good shape but there was something going on and they needed to do further test to narrow their results. They have scheduled him for a Coronary Angiogram Procedure tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.

I realize these procedures have come a long way even since my mom had one a number of years ago, but the old memories of those days immediately came flooding back when my dad shared he had to have one. I don't want to dwell on these feelings of fear as I want to stay focused with a positive attitude to support my dad, which is why I'm imploring your prayers.

I will keep you posted.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garden season may finally be here

Amira and I have been anxiously waiting to plant a garden this year, but the weather has been so unpredictable that we haven't wanted to take the chance too soon. However, now that May has arrived we believe it's safe to we did.
Tomatoes (Ace, Brandywine, Tumbling Tom Yellow)

Mint (from last year)

Armenian cucumbers & Miniature red peppers