Friday, September 10, 2010

Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver - Gary Wright song as background (

Last Saturday morning after being up for an hour or so, I decided to go check on Amira for no other reason than to see her. As usual she was sleeping peacefully. I could see she was dreaming so I stayed extra quiet as to not disturb her. Not knowing exactly how much time had past; she woke up and saw me next to her. Her face was lit up, and she said, “Mom, I had an amazing dream”. Keep in mind Amira is very private and most times does not even share her dreams with me. She claims they are scary and doesn’t want to talk about them. So you can imagine the anticipation of wanting to hear this rare beauty.

The following is Amira’s dream.

I was playing with my friend, Emily, and I wished I could fly and the next thing I knew I could fly. I was flying all around and it was so much fun. Then the next thing I knew I was flying to God and the angels. When I got to them I said I can’t believe I can fly, how can I fly? The angels told me they thought I’d like flying so they helped me out. They asked me if I liked it, and I told them yes.

I then asked the angels if I could see someone that was there. They asked who, and I told them my grandma. The angels said they needed her name. I told them, all I know is her name is Linda. They said oh yes, she’s here and they got her. Grandma said hi Amira and came to me. She said come here I want you to meet my new friend. She said she wanted me to see where she lives now. We talked and played and it was so fun. Then I told Grandma I had to go because my mom would be worried about me being gone so long, and then Grandma hugged me. Then I heard you calling my name Amira, Amira, Amira and I woke up.