Monday, May 20, 2013

Overly Sensitive

Among the many things you may be experiencing as of late (i.e., physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes/challenges), I'd like to talk about being what some may consider "overly sensitive".

For those among us who are very sensitive to energy – and that includes most everyone reading this – it is easy to pick up on and absorb what those around us are going through, mistaking it for our o...
wn feelings. Picture a high wattage lightbulb and how much electricity it gives off when you are near it. When you are around something like that you can hear the buzz and you can sometimes even feel that zhoozy, electricity feeling in the air. So as we’re all walking around, in our homes, workplaces and communities, we are feeling all the ‘electricity’ going through people that they are having a hard time processing. Where a person’s inner aspects are waking up and trying to get their attention, but are continuing to be ignored or repressed, that energy isn’t flowing as it should be. It keeps circulating around the body, generating the turbulence. So on some level, a sensitive observer can feel this, like it’s a combustion waiting to explode, or a dam about to burst. Sometimes we are aware we are picking up on the other person’s ‘stuff’, other times we don’t realise until later.

It helps to say something like: “if this is not mine, please go back to your rightful owner with love.” The more we’ve cleared our stuff, and the more we know who we are, the easier it becomes to distinguish what is yours vs what is not.

On the other hand, we should also realize we are still clearing within ourselves that part of ourselves we didn't even realize was still there. A part of ourselves we had no idea still had an impact on us.

During this latest round of energy push-down, as I like to call it, I found myself once again feeling deep agonizing pain in my solarplex area. Lots of bloating, painful pressure whether sitting or standing, and certainly finding it difficult to digest food easily. Taking time to meditate and just be still, I decided to 'check in' with myself to see what still needed to be cleared as clearly this stomach 'issue' wasn't going away until I did. Or at least that's what I was feeling.

Anyway, as I laid quietly just letting my thoughts wonder, I found myself drifting back to my childhood home in southern California. I saw myself in my bedroom, mad and crying (I was between 6 & 8). What disturbed me the most was seeing the self punishment I was giving myself. I was punching myself in the stomach as hard as I could, telling myself to stop. Stop what, you ask? Stop feeling! Stop receiving intuitive feelings and insight.

I've known my whole life I receive intuitive whole life! When I was 9 years old, I remember having a private conversation with my grandma and telling her what I saw and felt. I remember her getting quiet and touching me softly and saying, "honey, you have a special gift but we won't tell anyone about it because they won't understand and harm could come to you". I could remember feeling scared and wondering why would God give me this if it was going to get me hurt.

Over my lifetime since then I've denied or at best kept it to myself what I felt or saw and just stored all that denial........stuffing it into my stomach. This all became clear last Friday evening.

I found myself laying in a pile of tears feeling so bad for that little girl part of me that punished herself so brutally for not understanding. I found myself crying for my grandmother who did what she thought was right for me at such a young age. It was during this time that I realized what I needed to do. I needed to release any unforgiveness I had, any wrongdoing I had done to myself, and the hate I had for having a 'gift'. In doing so, I could feel my stomach start to move, and over the last 3 days my stomach has improved far beyond anything I've experienced in the last year.

It is by far not feeling 100% well, but then again there's been a great many years between my early childhood and now filled with denial, pain and anquish that it now needs to be cleansed, comforted, and guided back to complete health.

One may ask if such a thing is possible when one's body has been in a dis-eased for so long, and the answer is yes.

I now acknowledge and accept that for some reason I've been blessed as many, if not all, of us have with the gift of intuition on some level or another. As I've been working specificially with massage clients over the years, and have seen with my own physical eyes and felt inside my body (what is often referred to as a "gut feeling") information I woudn't ordinarily know, I can no longer deny this gift of intuition.

I accept this divine blessing, and give thanks for it. I consider it a great honor to serve as a conduit in other's healing or perhaps better stated, wellness.......for after all that's where we are headed.

So as you continue along your journey of clearing and cleansing this month, I encourage you to do so with ease and grace. As your sensitive side is enhanced even more, remember to ground yourself.