Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer, where did you go?

Hard to believe the days of summer are winding down.  It seems as if it was only yesterday I was beginning summer with a mending broken ankle, and now it's coming to a conclusion.

Lets see what did we do? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yes, I began back to work part time at the beginning of June and by mid to late June I was back full time. However, due to being off for 9 weeks it was now like starting all over again. I needed to rebuild my clientele. Truly we here in America have a short attention span. I didn't think 9 weeks was all that long, but apparently to some it was a lifetime, so they moved on.  Rebuilding a clientele as well as those being on summer holidays it's been rather challenging to say the least, but I'm still hopeful for improvement.

Amira spent the summer at day camp swimming and going on all kinds of fun field trips.  Her camp also had their own Camp Olympics which she participated in and came home with three 2nd place ribbons for her achievements.

For 4th of July/Amira's birthday we had a big family bbq at our house and my sister and niece (who I met for the first time) came in from Arizona to enjoy the festivities.  It was an amazing few days.

August came and went with my birthday mingled in the middle.  This year for my birthday I was not feeling very festive, but rather feeling like I needed some alone time, so I received a massage from a friend at the clinic I work at and then grabbed a cup of coffee and spend it at the cemetary with my mom. Although it's still very hard to go there, there's such an amazing sense of peace and calmness that lingers.  It was just what I needed to sit, be still and shed unspoken tears.

After being inspired from watching the Olympics, Amira decided she wanted to try gymastics. So, three weeks ago we found a gymnastics place a couple miles down the road and she's been going once a week since then and has thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  She's getting so good at doing handstands that I'm expecting one day to find her walking through the house on her hands.

Towards the later part of August she returned to school (4th grade) and has been both excited as well as challenged by the experience.  She was excited to get back to school and learn as she loves it, but has not been thrilled with the idea of having to do oral reports.  Although she's been gradually doing them since 1st grade, this year seems to be more challenging than others......and she hasn't even done the first one yet.  She's in a 4th, 5th, 6th grade combo, so I'm sure she's feeling a little insecure because of the older kids, although the majority of the class is 4th graders.  Moreover, I have a feeling they are introducing new concepts and that's stretching her a little bit.  All good stuff....just hate to see her stress herself out over the oral reports.

Doing another breast health awareness fundraiser towards the end of October. Doing it solo this year as my partner is out on disability as a result of injuring herself massaging.  I do have someone who has offered to help should I have any couples massages, so am grateful. Hoping this fundraiser do just as well as last year and better.