Monday, October 7, 2013

Amazing times we are living

Once again the flow of powerful fluctuating energy leaves me bewildered and filled with awe at the same time.  One minute feeling extremely fatigued, feverish, sinus congestion, and listless, and the next minute feeling like a live electrical wire, having so much energy that my body can barely contain itself.  Literally experiencing these two extremes in a matter of a couple of days. Craziness!

With this highly electrical energy wave surging through, our senses are definitely heightened, almost to the point of feeling painful.  Sounds and pitches of peoples’ voices can be a bit much as if those you are around have multiplied 10 fold.

One day feeling constricted or small and the next day feeling complete and utter expansion as if you are larger than life.  Did I mention CRAZINESS!

As many times as I’ve experienced this unexplainable, magnificent energy of contract and expand during 2013, I’m still bewildered by its appearance.  Perhaps it’s the subtleness, the unexpected timing, the extreme polarities of highs and lows, the physical impact felt in our physical bodies long after our brains have processed the extremes, and yet magnificently through it all we remain.

So many facets of our existence are being altered on an unbelievably fast track.  Think about it for just a second.  During this year alone, collectively/globally/universally (it can not be expressed enough that what is happening to you as an individual is happening AROUND THE WORLD as well) we’ve purged more of our emotional baggage (we see this in our social medias, mainstream media, and in our own circle of people), shedding ourselves of those things no longer serving us or weighing us down (have we not seen, at least in the States, more Goodwill distribution centers popping up everywhere), living spaces or situations being drastically changed, and personal relationships being reviewed.  As all the above-mentioned situations have been going on, there’s also a sense of community building, a subtle sense of compassion and sensitivity being experienced on a grander scale.  Even through all the physical, emotional, and spiritual highs and lows being felt individually at different extremes and times, as a collective mass we seem to be creating a global unity.  This is not to say everything is going to be rosy and perfect, but what it does mean is we are evolving as a species as we have been since the beginning of time, and that my friends is something to celebrate.  How utterly exciting is it to be a part of such a cycling change on earth?  Not only as a species are we evolving, but our planet is simultaneously as well.  WOW!  Think about that magnitude for just a minute…..if that doesn’t blow your mind for just a second I don’t know what will.

How blessed are we to be living this very time on earth?  Evolution or the changing of the earth and its inhabitants is nothing new as we can look back over history to see the earth’s plane has altered itself as well as plant life and animal life.  There’s even some documentation stating most of human life had been wiped off the face of the earth due to natural disasters and then started over again. So, how exciting to be part of yet another evolutionary change and not being wiped off the face of the earth. I know some will argue we are living the ‘end days’, but I ask you to ponder, what if we are actually living the ‘beginning days”?

Until next time, continue to be kind to yourself and others.