Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 - Looking back


For us, 2013 started out a bit subdued as we (entire family) were in the throws of supporting Claudia (sister-in-law) through very aggressive forms of chemo/radiation treatments against cervical cancer. Her braveness and strength during the whole process will forevermore be remembered and revered greatly. She was, is and will always be, in my book, amazing. As of November 2013 Claudia’s doctors have told her they are amazed at her progress and that she is clear.

In late February we traveled to southern California as our Aunt Judy passed, which coupled together with Claudia fighting against something so aggressive, resulted in some very reflective moments. Humbling time period for sure.

On a lighter note, Amira and I delved into our perspective sports (gymnastics and belly dance) and had a great year doing so. Amira competed in three gymnastic competitions, resulting in winning the All-Round trophy for each competition. She competes in floor, vault, bars, and beam. She says her favorite is bars. She is absolutely amazing to watch, such poise, grace, elegance and strength. To see her so focused and disciplined is definitely motivating. As of the writing of this newsletter, Amira has been asked to try out for the competitive team and hopes to begin training in January.

During this last year, I had the pleasure of performing at 6 different local belly dance events, with some of the most influential and supportive women I’ve been blessed to have in my life.

Along with our physical activities, we traveled a bit. During Amira’s spring break she and I took a mother/daughter overnight trip to San Francisco. We walked around the labyrinths at Grace Cathedral, wandered around Chinatown, absorbed the sights and sounds of the Japanese Tea Gardens, and drifted through Golden Gate Park as well as the Pacific Heights district of San Francisco. We had a glorious time.

At the end of Amira’s spring break, dad returned from wintering in Arizona, and we finished off her break along with celebrating his return by spending a couple of days in Monterey.

In July I conducted my first group class, which consisted of conducting a live demonstration on releasing old baggage (emotions). It was a thrilling event, and one I hope to build from in the future. My intention for 2014 is to continue to blend counseling/coaching with massage as well as conduct workshops/classes to empower others.

At the end of summer, Dad, Amira and I took a weekend trip to Ferndale, which is located on the top northern coast of California. The drive was gloriously beautiful and the weekend of exploring the redwoods was magical.

In November my friend Dawn assisted me with my 3rd annual massage fundraiser event, which this year’s charity was for Courage Worldwide. It’s an organization that helps girls who have been sex trafficked. Courage Worldwide has a recovery house in Loomis, which is the chapter we supported. Because of the outpour of support from others as well as my desire to assist in the empowerment of women, this particular charity will be one I continually support.

This year, 2013, for many has been a year like no other. Globally we’ve witnessed some unbelievable events that will forever change the world, as we know it. Locally, our own homeland, we’ve witnessed some shocking, life altering events that will forever change the world, as we know it. Personally, specific to each individual, we’ve had unexpected changes (relationships, living environment, careers, etc.), experienced a plethora of physical and emotional disentanglements (learning to re-open our heart and feel), highs and lows of physical energy which will forever change the world as we know it, and yet through it all we have somehow remained in tack. How utterly amazing is that!

As we prepare for 2014 may we enter it with wonder, hope, and an open heart.

With so much love