Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pondering the Extreme Highs and Lows

It feels we are definitely embarking on new territory as the days continue to pass. As unsettling and disturbing as some of the events are unfolding globally, I’m excited and looking forward to seeing the final outcome.

With events ranging from great excitement and joy to events ranging from grievous hardship, it can be taxing both on one’s psyche and physical being because they are occurring expeditiously as well as concurrently.

When one is grieving from such tragic hardship, are they even capable of finding that inner peace of calmness that still remains embedded in them?

When one is ecstatic from such wondrous joy, is there a part of them that feels a sense of guilt for feeling such a high because of the other tragic events of the world?

It seems as humans and perhaps because of certain beliefs held, spoken or unspoken for centuries, we can easily accept (perhaps ‘accept’ is not the right word)…..adapt or cope with the negative aspects of life more obsequiously than the positive. For it seems the moments of great joy are fleeting and expected to only last a short period of time. And yet, on the other hand there doesn’t seem to necessarily be an expected timelimit on dealing with difficult times. Why is that? Why are the struggling times painfully endurable when the joyous times spent seem so fleeting? It’s almost as if we’ve been engrained to deal with the difficult, and in some ways feel a tinge of guilt or unworthiness in celebrating our joy. Perhaps guilt and unworthiness are a little harsh, but my point is I’ve seen countless times those that are in a good place in their life almost shyly sharing their joy with their friends or family that may be going through a difficult time. In the same vain, those going through difficult times don’t seem to have such challenges in sharing with someone, whose experiencing a great joy in their life, their trials. Why is that?

Commonsense tells us that we do not all evolve at the same pace. Moreover, we do not all share the same joys or trials simultaneously. Thank God! Could you imagine? What if we were all suffering at the same time, who would be the one(s) to uplift and support us? On the flipside, how amazing would it be to live joyously and harmoniously together? The funny thing is, I know that last sentence would be received by some with a roll of the eyes and a thought of “yeah, right!” To which I would wonder, why not? We as humans are amazing creatures. We have proven time and time again how incredibly talented, smart, tender, compassionate, creative, etc., we are, so, why can’t we unilaterally tame our egos to be more supportive of one another?

Sending warm wishes and love to all.