Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Blathering

Well, the New Year in my little world has started off as most New Year's, relatively slow and uneventful, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Probably the most significant event that has happened so far is my dad leaving for Arizona 3 weeks ago for a 3-month hiatus. Although the day before his departure he and I spent the entire day together with bouts of tears on and off because we were going to miss each other dearly, yet we both knew this was going to be a good thing.

I can't imagine how he felt pulling out of his driveway for the first road trip without my mom. There is going to be so many "firsts" and each one will have to be dealt with as it comes.

There have been a few moments along his journey (which consisted of side trips along the way) where he shared he couldn't wait to get to our families in Phoenix because he just had too much alone time. So thankfully he's made it to Phoenix where our family has welcomed gratefully.

Amira received her first report card and is doing well which is wonderful to know since whenever I ask her what she did or learned in school on any particular day her answer is always the same, "nothing". LOL

However, just the other day she shared something she learned and I had to leave the room to laugh. She came home on Tuesday and told me, "guess what mommy. We learned about Barack Obama today." I said, "you did!" She said, "uh huh, I have a picture of him in my backpack and I'll show it to you when we get home." I said, "did you learn that he became our president today?" She confirmed that they had. Beaming with pride at learning she's actually learned something and sharing it with me I couldn't wait to get home and see her project.

In the door we go, and immediately preparing dinner, she tells me she's going to get her picture of Barack Obama to show me. I eagerly await this picture. When what does she appear with?……………..a picture of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ok, I suppose in fairness I should give a slight break, since Monday was the celebration of Martin Luther King Day with no school and then the inauguration of Barack Obama was Tuesday, the first day back to school. So I am assuming they learned about both events at the same time. Because when we turned the TV on later that evening she got excited and started pointing at the TV, "see mommy, there's Barack Obama......we heard him talk today in school." I asked if she knew what he was talking about and she declared, "no, not really I'm just a kid and he talked grown-up stuff".

I was not able to watch President Obama's speech due to work, but was able to read it on “On The Edge's” blog and was so grateful to be able to read it. I'm not into all the hoopla that goes along with such events, but really wanted to know what he had to say, so thank you On the Edge for posting it.

Funny, huh? I had to go to Libya, so to speak, to hear what my new President had to

Certainly President Obama has a lot of things to handle and I admire his willingness to tackle such a pile of.............

It was interesting here, again in my own little world, how people reacted the day he was announced the next president of the United States. On Election Day there was such an unnerving feeling of quietness all around the town. My work was nearly nonexistent that day, traffic on the roadway was sparse, and an overall feeling of heaviness lingered in the air. The very next day when the news reported Barack Obama had been voted our next president there was a buzz in the air. A feeling of freedom. A feeling of almost a collective exhale. I'll remember that day always because that was my busiest workday. It was as if the floodgates had opened or something. There was this high electric buzz in the air that you couldn't help but feel. Really I find this interesting. Moreover, another reminder that one never knows what a day can bring.

Blessings to all.


cofman said...

Hi friend!

This one made me laugh a lot “since whenever I ask her what she did or learned in school on any particular day her answer is always the same, "nothing". LOL”
lolol Next time she will tell you: Stop bothering me mum!!! lol

As for Obama, here in UK he is everywhere, every day, .. radio, tv, newspapers, etc
To be honest, anyone would do better than G W Bush - - mind you, 9/11 was too huge and would shake any man I guess.
But a lot of ‘experts’ here in UK say the most difficult thing Obama will face is the fact that there is too much expectations

Economy, unemployment, 2 wars, terror ….. heavy for anyone! … can the US public & media give him time before they start hitting him?
But I like the guy and hope he will succeed in fixing problems, or some of them

( I actually did like G W when first too over as a person, I found him honest and plain speaking guy ….. then 9/11 arrived! )

cofman said...

I meant to say
( I actually did like G W when he first took over as a person, I found him honest and plain speaking guy ….. then 9/11 arrived! )

cofman said...

One thing I read about Obama some days ago didn't look very good
The BBC web said:
Tim Geithner has been nominated by President Barack Obama to become the next treasury secretary.
He is expected to play a key role in shaping the economic recovery plan that is at the centrepiece of the president's domestic agenda.
But his appointment has been delayed by questions about his failure to pay social security payroll taxes when he was an official at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Shahrazad said...

Hi Ibeebarbie !

Im a new blogger and I enjoy reading your blog.I read about the passing of your mother and am truly sorry.

My parents are both alive and quite fit, but I lost my little family in a car accident( husband and daughter)I am still alive and keep very busy.Life does go on ,I have made many friends who have been a great support but my parents and siblings top them all.

You have a beautiful daughter - I wish you well with your everyday experiences especially with the NOTHING LOL ..that was so funny .

I thank you for sharing your great blog!

on the edge said...

Thanks for the blert !I , too , hope that Obama is able to pull a rabbit out of the hat , but have to keep reminding myself he is but a man . He is dependent on the Congress and the Senate to get all the things that need to be done put into motion for America .Here is wishing him well .

As for Amira , well out of the mouths of babes , lol . She is one smart cookie .You take care .