Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day!

To most of the U.S., yesterday was a celebration of our country's independence, but to Amira and I it's even more was Amira's birthday! So forevermore the entire country will celebrate her birthday with

She had a fun birthday filled with swimming, pizza, watermelon, mint-lemonade, presents and sugar-free pineapple upside down cake.
Since the 4th of July is a difficult day to gather people together as usually they are spending the time camping or with their own 4th of July activities, we have opted this year to split her birthday celebration into two days. Today, we'll be going to the swimming pool and having some splashing fun with some of her friends.

I just love kids and the things they say. Yesterday we were getting ready to go swimming and Amira wanted to put on her new skirt she got from a friend. The skirt was a little big for her so I suggested she wear one of her skirts she already has in her drawer. She went and picked out her pink shirt and as she was getting ready to put it on, she looked at me and said, "I don't know if it's going to fit because this is a 5 year old shirt and I'm might be too small".


on the edge said...

Happy B. Day Amira ! My nephew has the same B. day too .My son's was today . Amira looks like she had a ball !!! How big she is growing . How are you doing these days ?

Anglo-Libyan said...

Happy Birthday Amira :o)

Sparkling Motivation said...

Blow the candles up my dear and make your wish come true...a veeeery happy birthday to you!!

Wow, July 4th seems to be crouded with people born on it! My friend Julia was born then, and last Saturday we went on a picnic (still working on it on my blog- hehe)

I've grown to love Amira... her eyes, her hair, and her gorgeous tan!

May Allah grant her happiness in life :)

Luna said...


Happy Belated Birthday dear !

Ibebarbie wishing you and a Amra a the best .

Happy 4th bealted too -sorry !

dusk till dawn said...

happy birth day gorgeous Amira ,hope u had great times, ur growing up fast ,enjoy it to full

Rose Bud said...

Happy late birthday to Amira.