Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Adventure

Road trip! This year has been one big adventure after another--from small to large and everything in between.

For Amira's 7th birthday, my dad's gift to her was a trip to Disneyland. He decided he wanted to take her there, and my nephew to San Diego to the Maritime Museum and some other side ventures.

So, in early July we were off on yet another road trip to southern California. The entire trip was flawless----truly magical.

The first day at the park was the 4th of July (Amira's bday), and everywhere she wanted to go and every ride she wanted to go on we seemed to always be first in line. My dad and I were shocked as we've experienced Disneyland and know of their long lines, but for some reason this day was different. Of course, Amira never being there before and knowing of the long lines these magical feats meant nothing to her, but to my dad and I they were ecstatic.

Truly she was blessed on her birthday with wonderful fortune of shuttling through everything in true princess style because the next day she experienced long lines and waiting.

Through the entire experience, one of the things I found most curious was how sooooooo many people of variant cultural backgrounds, economical backgrounds, educational backgrounds, and even religious backgrounds could all gather together, spend hours together, enduring the long lines together and yet all seem to move along harmoniously. Amazing isn't it? If so possible and indeed it was, why can't the rest of the plant get on this same harmoniously plane? Ok, that's not entirely fair------let me re-word it. Why can't the government officials---the seemingly powers-to-be get on board with the rest of the harmonious group? Perhaps they've never experienced Disneyland! :-) Although in all earnestness we know there's plenty that have not experienced Disneyland but are still pleasant by nature to be around. It just seems to affect those that thirst and hunger for power and greed so badly----they are the ones who miss out in life.

Anyway, here are some photos of our venture.


Benghazi Citizen said...

Very nice pictures..and happy birthday Amira..
I likd the question about why can't therest of the planet get along?
well,i think the simple answer is ,always was actually that this is not in the bestinterest of some groups...If all people lived in hrony ,no fear ,no worry from each other ,no hate or prejudice ,well..that mean there will be no need for people to teer the events ,there will b no ned for politicians ,rulers ,dictators ,multinationl corporoations,religious lead..etc..
sorry ,i think i made it too serious...
It is wandrful to know that Amira had such a beutiful birthday

Bless you all

Lebeeya said...

Beautiful pictures mashallah, Amira looks happy! Happy 7th Birthday to her.

SAILOR said...

"why can't the rest of the plant get on this same harmoniously plane?"umm..if they do so,we should rename earth to heaven and i think it's unfair cuz earth is just what it is and heaven is just heaven..sorry j.o.l but it's just a simple answer to a kinda complicated question..anyway HaPpY BiRtHdAy to the princess AMIRA.

Highlander said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Amira. Truely the photos speak for themselves. My favourite is Snow White and I can hardly wait to visit Disney Land one day !