Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time Management

Learning to not waste your own time.

It is so easy to stand in your own way, to distract yourself from changing, growing or transforming from what was to what will be. Even in the mist of your fears, sadness, depression, idleness, restlessness, boredom, laziness it is so easy to get distracted. It is so easy to justify spending more time on the computer, texting on our cells, or whatever we do to kill precious moments of our own time. Yes, yes, yes, of course we can justify it, but why is it necessary? What are we avoiding?

Give yourself and your life an earnest look over and ask yourself, “Am I wasting my own time? Am I standing in my own way of achieving whatever goal(s) I’ve pondered for myself?” If the answer is “yes”, then consider new time management. Stop wasting your own precious time.

I give this little discussion to myself, really. For I know and have known for sometime that I stand in my own way of achieving certain goals. Not to say I haven't been successful because that wouldn't be a true statement. I've achieved a great number of goals for myself.....goals I never truly imagined would come true, but over my lifetime have indeed come to fruition. However, when I look at these achievements, I realize they are somewhat distant from my personal being. That is except for one, and that is being a mother. All other achievements are a distant from thy personal being, which may explain why they were achievable. A somewhat non-detachment, I suppose, to them.

“So what am I blathering about”, I ask myself. I’m blathering about my willingness to keep a distance between myself and whoever my life partner may be. For far too many years, I’ve built walls, barricades, hell even a fortress around my heart out of fear of being hurt, betrayed and fooled again. My pride could not stand the idea of that ever happening again. Moreover, I never wanted my daughter to see that vulnerable side of myself with a man.

However, even in the mist of this battle brocade I was shrouding over myself, I still felt the whimperings and longings of a cohesive partnership.

I know the price for this to happen. I know I must be willing to lower some of the shields I have in place in order to show the universe I am willing and wanting to proceed in achieving such a partnership.

Am I scared? Yes! Am I willing to stop wasting my time and consider the possibilities? Yes! Will I succeed? Time will tell.

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Sparkle said...

Me like...

I like a phrase Amr Khaled once said when he was criticised for an ad he made. He said, "Don't expect me to sit around doing nothing. That's not how I'll learn from my mistakes." So there you go.

Sometimes, if we don't face the world, we miss the chance of ever knowing whether this or that's right for us or not! and spend the rest of our lives pining over what's lost...

I love the determination I find between the lines dear Barbie :) and I'm positive this time round, your experience would be a much better one...

'cause now your all the wiser.

Much love and respect

Sparkle xxx