Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unwelcome House Guest

Well it certainly is the season for flus and colds; however, I thought I was doing a pretty good job running from them. Not so much! Apparently, when I wasn't looking the nasty flu bug snuck in the front door and has decided to stay for a little "visit".

I'm starting school next week, so hope this little bugger decides to leave before then. Moreover, I pray Amira does not get this.

Of course it's never a good time to get sick, and the next 6 weeks are no exception. So, please if you would be so kind pray for Amira and I's health to be well.


ryles said...

Man do I feel your pain.. I am so sorry you got sick!!

We are on our 6th illness in the past month!

Started with strep, and ear infection, went to broncitis.. then the flu.. then pneumonia..and now we're on a sinus infection!!

I hope you get better soon!! And I hope Amira doesnt catch it!!

I never got the flu when Aaron had it. (Thank goodness!!) So hopefully she wont!

Good luck.. Take care of your self..
Lots of fluids!!

PH said...

yeah the flu is doing the round right now, I hope you get better soon and Amira doesn't get it. As for th eprayer it goes without saying :).

P.S. are you going back to Law School ?

salaam and get better :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

inshaAllah you get better soon and it stays away from dear Amira.

by the way, I like the picture of the sick house, very cute :o)

MusicLover said...

Hope you get better.

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Benghazi Citizen said...

i pray u will be well soon..
it is annoying and disturbing,but u have to get rest and fluid..
be well ,hope little amira will be fine too,

dusk till dawn said...

salam, ibee
well iam still suffering frm the flu its realy gets u down , hope u will get well soon , and i wish Amira not to catch it , there is no cure 4 it , i find the best thing to get rid of it by spending few hours in the sauna, sweat it out, but since we had the flood the sport centre has close wich close to my house, get few rest take care

3abtash said...

inshallah u get and amira get well soon
its no fun being sick, i have been there..
inshallah u get better soon
take care

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enlightened spirit said...

it is simple, keep warm , rest, drink a lot of fuid, try to keep away from ur angel Amira, (I don't know how to manage the last advice)... and RELAX coz u and Amira are always in our prayer ...
get well soon :)

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