Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do I Make You Proud?

Well it is with wonderful excitement that I share the results of my exams. I finished with top honors and will be graduating tomorrow, inshallah. Tears streamed down my cheeks when the doctor/professor handed me my test score revealing a 100% correct score, alhamdullilah.
I could not believe my eyes----I was speechless. For those that know me---that's a rarity. :-)

Truly, I probably would not have gone back to school if it wasn't for Amira. Without her even knowing it, she has causee me to be more than I ever imagined I could be and for that I'm eternally grateful.

I dedicate this song to her as well as to my parents.


libyan. said...

Congratulations for what you have achieved. Eventhough i don't know you but i felt touched by what happend to you. It gives you a great feeling you are able to achieve something that is not easy and with very good results. The proud that you feel inside of you is worth more than alot of things in this world, so the question is not do you make us proud, the question is did it make you proud? being able to accomplish all of this under the circumstances? i think you should be.

PH said...

Mabrooooooook :D and I hope for more success your way :).


a_akak said...

Congratulations, we are VERY VERY happy for you and may allah look over you and Amira and bless every step you take

Fe aman Allah

Anonymous said...

Golden Harvest that you deserve it

allf Mabrook


Crowded Mind said...

Im so happy ,,,you deserve that sister
fe aman Allah

Lebeeya said...

Mabrook! Yes, you make us really proud. I remember reading your post about how worried you were about going back to school :)

All the best. What are your plans now ?

enlightened spirit said...
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enlightened spirit said...

Mabroooooook ...
if the applause noise in ur graduation day was more than the people who attend, don't be surprised coz our souls will be there clapping for u deary.

dusk till dawn said...

hi ibee
what a cheivment u made , u have proved ur self .and made amira and all of us so proud, the hard work has paid time to relax and have a break. well done and alif mamboooooooooooooooooooook,no more heat on or swat ha ha,sun shine all the way long

Mixed Up Me said...

You do indeed make me proud, though I never doubted you for a second!!

UT said...


I knew you'd make it !

ELF Mabrouk you deserve it dear.

May Allah bless and protect you and Amira always.

ibeebarbie said...

THANK YOU EVERYONE! Your love and support means the world to me, wallahi.

Living Away said...

wow, congratulations!!
you really have all the reasons to be very proud of yourself!!

MusicLover said...

The Graduate


A.Adam said...

Congratulations ibeebarbie :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

sorry for being late :o)

wow congratulations and alf mabrouk, we are all proud.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Living Away, MusicLover, A.Adam and Anglo-Libyan,
Thank you kindly. The overall support from my fellow bloggers is more than I can ever begin to express. Please know I am most grateful for all of you being in my life.

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