Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mom update

On behalf of my family, my mom and myself, thank you for your continued prayers; they are certainly being heard and answered, alhamdullilah.

Sunday morning we returned to the hospital to learn my mom was awake. Their plan for the day was to remove the breathing tube. My dad, brother and I went in to see her and she seemed to recognize my dad right away. He kissed her and told her he loved her and she squeezed his hand. Then she tried to talk but we all told her not too as the medical staff had earlier told us they didn’t want her talking yet. My brother and I also were able to kiss her and tell her how much we loved her. We then decided to leave the room for about an hour or so as they were going to be removing the breathing tube from her. In the meantime the entire family went a couple of streets down to a beautiful park that’s near the hospital and had a picnic lunch. We all agreed this is how mom would have wanted to spend Mother’s Day in the park having a picnic with the whole family.

We returned to the hospital to discover they had successfully removed the breathing tube. She was awake, alert and happy to see us. While dad met with the medical team Clint and I talked with mom. Of course due to all the medications and procedures that had happened to her within the last 24 hours she was a little out of it, but on the other hand we were surprised at what she told us. She told my brother she remembered them doing compressions on her chest as well as using the paddles on her, which I was completely shocked to think she could possible know or remember that. Of course it’s too early to know if she really will recall that or not. She knew it was Mother’s Day and was apologizing as this was not how she planned for us to spend the day. We told her not to apologize because we were together as a family and that’s all that mattered. She also told my brother and I that she thought she should get rid of her new puppy, Cruiser, because although she didn’t think it was too much for her maybe it was, to which we just told her not to worry about Cruiser he was fine. Moreover we let her know the whole reason we were here was due to her diabeties and that as a result her heart just had a little too much fun the day before.

We were so thrilled to see her alive, alert and able to communicate with us. Amira had drawn a picture of an angel for Grandma so that Grandma would know she would be ok. She also selected one of her stuffed toys, a bunny wearing a blue vest, to give to Grandma while she was in the hospital so Grandma would feel ok. Grandma was thrilled to see the little bunny and has been hugging that bunny every since.

We left the hospital Sunday evening feeling more hopeful about the situation but also knowing mom’s situation was very delicate and serious.

Monday morning we called the hospital before visiting hours started and the nurse on duty informed us she did really well through the whole night and that they were pleased with her vitals. They shared she was in a lot of pain but that they were giving her meds to help with the pain.

My father and brother went to the hospital Monday morning to find my mom alert but in so much pain that it caused them to worry once again. The staff assured them this was normal considering the amount of trauma her body had gone through in less than 48 hours, and once again reassured my dad and brother that her vitals were doing well and they were pleased with her improvements.

Monday evening we all met down at the hospital again. My dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephew got there just before Amira and I did and was able to see her. To our blessed fortune my dad and brother were happy to see she was even more alert, with good coloring in her face and her personality shining through. Dad shared that she looked so much better compared to this morning. The staff was in the middle of their shift change so we hung out in the lobby area until I could go in and see her. When finally able to go in Claudia and I went to see her. We found her sleeping and she looked so angelic and peaceful for the first time in days, so of course we didn’t disturb her. I was able to talk with her nurse to gather some more information. She shared they attempted to take the balloon down that’s around her heart right now, but that her heart was still not stable or strong enough to handle it so they’ve decided to leave it in for a couple of more days and then try again then. She indicated they also had to give her some kind of diuretic due to her not eliminating enough causing the doctor to be considered about fluids on her lungs. The diuretic seemed to help immediately which they were really pleased with along with all of her other vitals doing so well. They were thrilled for all of her progress and happy to see she’s doing so well considering the severity of the heart attack she had.

We left the hospital Monday evening once again so thankful for mom and her strength, alhamdullilah. I was delighted that my dad and brother were going home after seeing mom in her condition that evening rather than what they saw earlier that morning, alhamdullilah.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, you have no idea what it means, alhamdullilah.


PH said...

Glad to hear your mother is doing better, and I hope she gets well enough to be released from hospital soon :).


Fatima said...

Salam Ibee,
Alhamdullilah that your mother is doing better. Inshallah she'll be back home in no time and back to her old self :)

Take care of yourself xxx

Anonymous said...

salam ibee
Alhamedullah we hope she will be better

Mixed Up Me said...

Glad to hear she is doing better!! I've been praying for her, and for all of you. Okay, this is just my opinion, but, she can definitely NOT get rid of her puppy . . . Animals have healing powers that are unmatched by any human. Cruiser is exactly what she needs right now.

I miss you guys!!! Love ya!

enlightened spirit said...


Anglo-Libyan said...

that is good news, Alhamdulellah.

I hope your new job didnt get affeced by this, best of luck inshaAllah.

UT said...

That's great !


Here's wishing her a speedy recovery .

Take care.