Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mom update

It is with great pleasure to announce mom was discharged from the hospital yesterday evening.

She was so thrilled to go home, it was all we could do to keep her in the wheel chair for the medical staff to push her out to the curb.

According to my dad she slept well all night with only getting up twice during the night.
Her appetite is slowly coming back which is another good sign. All her vitals are good thanks to Nurse Blake aka dad monitoring them.

She now begins follow-up appointments with her medical doctors as well as learning how to manage and care for her current condition.

Please know from the bottom of my heart as well as my family's how much we appreciate
your love, support and continual prayers through such a scary ordeal.

It's interesting---life is truly so precious and fragile and yet the strength and/or will of a
human being is unbelievable. Certainly a great many lessons were learned through
this experience but for me one of the biggest was to live right NOW.

My love and thanks to all of you.


dusk till dawn said...

salam ibee
how pleased for u and all ur family to hear ur mum is out of hospital. and doing great , iam sure the pressure has lifted frm u all. and now u can lead a happy life a gain, what we wish here now a peaceful happy life,
take care, as u said life is precious .

PH said...

Great news and Mabrook for your mothers release :).


white african said...

sorry for late message, i only just looked at your blog, glad to hear your mums feeling better.

hope its always for the better :)

enlightened spirit said...

aaaaaaaaaah, elhamdoAllah.
happy for u.

on the edge said...

Happy Blessings !!!!!!!!!!!!

abdullah SH said...

iam happy 2 hear these news ....
al7mdellah 3la salamet el waldah ..

Crowded Mind said...

Salam Ibee
I'm so sorry to hear that your mama was in the hospital
but I'm so happy now that she's oki alhamdulilah
may Allah bless her for you and all the family

fe aman Allah