Friday, June 6, 2008

Bump in the road

Well got a call yesterday morning from my dad that mom went back in the hospital again. She was having difficulty breathing. They are still running a series of test on her as well as trying to get all of the fluids off her body as she seems to be retaining a lot.

According to my cousin who just arrived from Arizona and who is also a nurse, she's assured us that my mom's coloring looks FANTASTIC and that this really isn't so much a bump in the road, but rather more of a little fine tuning they are doing. She said she would have been surprised if my mom never had to go back for any readjustments of anything (i.e., meds).

They just keep reminding us that her heart was really, really sick and that she's doing incredibly well considering the severe hit her poor little heart took.

They will keep her in the hospital for a couple of more days just to make sure they get all the fluids off her and have time to review, analyze and decide what to do with all of her test results.

Thank you so much for your kindness, words, thoughts and prayers. You mean so much to me.


Crowded Mind said...

Ibee Oh sis ensha Allah she'll be fine soon and she'll back home again
please keep us updated

fe aman Allah

Lebeeya said...

It must be so difficult for you, seeing you mom in and out of the hospital. I am so sorry! Stay strong.

I am so glad to hear what your cousin from Arizona said, inshallah soon your mom will be as healthy as ever.

She is in my thoughts and prayers.

MusicLover said...

Wish your mother fast recovery.

Paul Rodgers - Free - Wishing Well

Anglo-Libyan said...

lets hope inshaAllah that it was as you said, a little bump in the road.
best wishes to you mum

dusk till dawn said...

salam ibee
i just wish and pray that ur great mum will get better soon inshallah, and the worst is over soon, its hard when u see ur love once going through that pain,i can feel what ur going through,have faith, take care

abdullah said...

we all `e u at least from our comments bless allah `e ur mom & be good as soon as possible noyhing u do 4 here just pray
& du3a 4 become `e good healthy ..
plz keep updating & wish hear a good news in next post ...

Khalid said...

Sorry to hear the bad news, may God bless her with speedy recovery and you with peace of mind, let's keep praying and she will get well soon, inshaAllah.

on the edge said...

Bumps can be good you know . They warn you of possible hazards in the road ahead so you can proceed with caution to prevent any other bumps .Keep the Faith , she is in the hands of Allah .Blessings