Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Adventures

This was an interesting weekend. Certainly not one I probably would have sought out to do, but nonetheless embraced.

You know if you just leave yourself open to many aspects of life it's interesting what you will find, experience or be presented with. I think if we can keep ourselves open to these interesting adventures there's always lessons or wisdom that can be learned by them.

Friday night Amira and I were invited to go to a Goddess Gathering at a campsite near a lake. Aside from the "campsite" part, since this little darling (me) does not like camping, I figured it would be a fun adventure to find out exactly what happens at a "Goddess Gathering". After the experience, I'm still not entirely sure what it was suppose to be about because we had to leave early, BUT we did have fun hanging out with a group of women from all different cultural, spiritual, ethnical backgrounds. Although felt a little out of place since Amira and I were nearly the only girls there that didn't have a tattoo or body piercing. Well, I have my ears pierced, but that's it. Perhaps we were considered the odd-balls there or at the very least unsophisticated due to not being worldly or cultured. LOL Anyway, the group of women were great, the food was great, and the over all evening was enjoyable. It was suppose to be a celebration of the Summer Solstice. Although, honestly, I don't exactly know what that means so just went along for the food, fun and enjoyment of other ladies.

I received a voicemail Thursday afternoon from a dear friend of mine who just came back into town from Hawaii letting me know that she was here because her mother just passed away on Wednesday afternoon (may God bless her soul), and that the funeral was to be on Saturday morning. So, I contacted my parents to see if they could possibly watch Amira so I could attend this funeral service. It was a lovely service for such a remarkably pious woman. One of the things I learned about, Esther (friend's mom) was that she was a WAVE, which was a division of the U.S. Navy during the World War II era. As part of her funeralservice they had members of the United States Navy Honor Guard there to perform a small military service in honor of her passing and duty to service. It was beautiful and very touching. In addition the military service they also had a pastor speak over the service on behalf of the family, which was very nice because this was the first funeral I can ever recall attending where the person speaking actually new the dearly departed individual. Ironic as it may sound there seems to always be something of profound knowledge or wisdom that comes from funerals. At this particular one they read a passage from the bible from the 91st Psalm which in part reads He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him I will trust. It was such a beautiful passage as well as a reminder to trust God in all things. To remind us not to sweat things and to remember God has and knows the plan, it's our duty to trust in Him.

We are living in such uncertain times like no other times I recall. Perhaps merely because I'm older now and pay more attention to this stuff. Or maybe because I'm a mom now and therefore see life differently. All I know is nothing is like it was once before. The things we once were able to count on or depend on are no longer available. Perhaps we as Americans are experiencing for the first time in a very long time very unchartered territories due to the economical status of this country as well as the rest of the world. I think as Americans we've led a very fortunate life compared to so many others; however, due to the recent economical struggles I have to wonder if we are being forced to live a very different life than that we've previously known. Certainly going back to the basics or simplicity of life is a wonderful thought as truly what else is there but God, family and friends. Except that some people panic during the uncertainties and tend to act like maniacs. Awwwww the human spirit—isn't it something?

Until the next adventure, I wish you well.


a_akak said...

First of all how is Amira? and did SHE enjoy it?

I am happy to hear you enjoyed it and it is good to see these cults as it is important for our development as humans to embrace different cultures and points of view ... you never told us, what exactly did they do? I mean anything peculiar?

The economy is certainly not doing well and the US is feeling the full thrust of it but the UK is going into a darker economical era and I hope things will get better as it effects normal families and normal people

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
I have never been to any Solstice event, I agree with Ahmed, what hapened there? tell us more please if possible :o)
regards to Amira x

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Ahmed and Anglo-Libyan,
Amira is doing great. She loved going to the campsite as there was plenty of room to run around and when it got dark they built a campfire which she thought was really cool.

With regards to the "rituals" that were suppose to happen at this shin-dig I really don't have any idea what was suppose to happen as it wasn't too organized. But one of the things I learned was that people write down their intentions or the things they wish to manifest in their lives on a piece of paper and then they toss it in the fire. Somehow this is suppose to put this "information" out into the universe and somehow help one achieve their intentions. Of course you can tell from my response to you I don't necessarily buy into this ritual, BUT for some perhaps this is their form of prayer which is clearly different from my form of payer.

Anyway, one of the other things they were going to do was play music and everyone just dance as a form of just releasing their bound up critical sides and free themselves from restrictions. To just dance as if no one was looking. Amira and I would have loved to stay for that part as we love to dance but the area where they were parking our cars was being locked at 10 so we had to leave.

I'm told there will be another Goddess Gathering but no details as to when, where or what will happen other than for women to gather. So, when that happens I'll be sure and take good notes for everyone. ;-)

on the edge said...

The Gathering sounds very "laid back" in seventy's speak ! LOL ! Definitely go to the next one and remember "inquiring minds" want a full report again , lol . So sorry to hear of your friends family's loss .Salaam for her .