Friday, August 8, 2008

Stereotype Challenge by Queen Rania

This morning perusing the blogsphere as quickly as possible as time is certainly of the essence these days I checked one of my favorite blogs, Muslim by Choice by Amina. She posted about Queen Rania of Jordan's challenge regarding stereotypes.

After listening to this clip, I went further in my researching to see what responses were generated. There, of course, were many and I couldn't listen to them all before posting myself. However, I liked this guy's response as I felt he was articulate, clear and heartfelt.

I also found this clip which I thought was both funny and sad at the same time because although it's funny thinking anyone really thinks these things about Arabs and yet sadly true the stereotyping is still very much alive.

Perhaps something many people do not think about or consider regarding "Terrorism" is that it affects everyone---not just one culture, one religion, one, it affects the entire world.

Ok, I realize I could go really crazy posting all that I found, but will end with this last one which I absolutely love. It's about women and it was posted by a man.

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Benghazi Citizen said...

One of my first posts in my blog touched this subject
It is sad that people generalize such misconceptions..
Can you blame all the German for the crimes of the NAZIS era?
can you label all good Irish people of the actions of the IRA?
Can you say that christianity is opressive because it doesnt allow women to be ministers of God? or because Nuns cover their heads?
who should take the blame for burning dimented women on the stick in the middle ages? and the crimes of the KKK in the last century?
There were villages whose people were killed in Vietnam by american troops,would it be just to blame Americans for the crimes of a few??
Racism ,stereotyping ,bias...
I feel sad for humanity..
I am muslim ,arab,
I respect women and sure enough i hate no body but who deserves to be hated..
don't blame me ,my nation and my relegion for what a few has done..
bless you and your princess and parents
best regards