Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When a door closes.......

It seems always, when a door or a chapter of our lives closes a window of opportunity is opened for us.

This week I officially gave my letter of resignation to one of the attorneys I work for as it has become necessary.

The opportunity to work with this individual has been of great joy because she's not only been my "boss" but she's been my friend as well.

Certainly we've been a support and encouragement for one another during our 5 years of working together, but believe our working relationship has played out and is now time to end.

Like anything in life, sometimes ending something can be a bit melancholy because it's an ending of something which isn't necessarily a bad or good thing....it's just an ending.

And just like most things in life, when a door closes usually a window or door of another opportunity will open for us.

With Amira starting kindergarten tomorrow this will change our daily routine which requires me to change my daily work operation. I've been given an opportunity in my new field of work to change and increase my hours which will allow me to work overall less hours but make more money. I am thrilled beyond believe to no have to work 6 days a week after September 1st as I've had just about enough of that along with trying to be mom and dad to Amira.

So, I am leaping in faith and trusting that I'm making the right decision for Amira and I with this new work schedule and career. I have been taken care of so far in my life, so have no reason to doubt that God would stop now. He's been opening opportunities for me of which I need to trust Him and proceed forward through them.

Wish me luck!


PH said...

Greaaaat News :D ..... I'm glad you got a job with a more accommodating schedule and that things worked out by themself . Life is like a roller coaster, takes you up and down; the trick is to have faith when you're down ;).

salaam and good luck on your new job.

Anglo-Libyan said...

best of luck inshaAllah.

nurseries and schools here dont start until the beginning of September.

MusicLover said...

Sometimes we need changes in our lives, wish you luck.

Say It's Possible


Benghazi Citizen said...

There is always a time when we have to start over or to change our paths..
To tell the truth,i'm still struggling with accepting this fact..but i'm getting there...
I pray for the best for you and ur family
best of luck dear friend

dusk till dawn said...

salam ibee
u said it all. u made ur mind up , for the reasons and the one u love, i just wish u all the best in ur new job, and happiness to, take care new woman ha ha i hope u got that CD

on the edge said...

I wish you muy mucho luck in your new job, #1 ! And I loved the post on Abba / Momma Mia . Made me think if my mom and I . She was a single mom too and I can relate to what you and Amira are going through . Hope Amira loves big girl school too !!!I will go back and watch all your videos when I have a little more time , but thank you for posting them for all of us !

Anonymous said...

Hi ibee,
i wish a good luck 4 u, and Amira,
take care...