Thursday, June 18, 2009

Graduation Day!

What a fun experience to watch. I don't ever recall attending a graduation for kindergartens so was excited at the opportunity.
There were three graduating classes and each class sang a song or recited a poem or both. It was great fun to see all their expressions.

Of course this is probably more for the parents and adults than the kids because all Amira has said to me is, "now when can I start first grade?"

An art show followed the graduation ceremony. The kids picked their favorite pieces of art work they created during the school year for displaying.


Anglo-Libyan said...

MashaAllah Amira looks like a little super model, so cute and I love the dress :o)

on the edge said...

Oh Ibeebarbie, How your heart strings must have tugged on that day! She is growing into a lovely little girl ! And Mashallah , SMART too !

Amira said...

hello ibee! Amira looks lovely. Congrats on her thing u'll know she'll be graduating from high school and heading off to college! xxx