Monday, June 8, 2009

Root Beer Float Day

As the school year winds down, the kids are spending their last few days doing fun activities. Today, they walked to a nearby park to have their lunch and then they made root beer floats for dad's to honor them for Father's Day. Father's Day isn't for another couple of weeks but since school would be out by then, they wanted to make sure dads were recognized. In addition to dads being invited, so were uncles, grandfathers and other father-figures (for those children who do not have a dad).

My dad was able to go and said he and Amira had a really fun time.

Hard to believe in two days she'll be graduating from kindergarten.


Happymoi said...

COngrats to our princess Amira!
May she prosper from one sucess to another. May she have a life full of joy and sincere wishes to her first graduation ceremoney...many more to her inshallah.

on the edge said...

1st grade here she comes ! Look out world !Glade your dad could go ! Hope all is well with the family .OTE