Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family Visit

In October my aunt, her husband and one of my cousins came for a visit, which is always a wonderful occasion. During their visit we took a boat trip over to San Francisco and spent the day meandering through the streets. The following are some pictures from our venture.


Anglo-Libyan said...

nice to see Amira looking as pretty as ever, mashaAllah :o)

Romana said...

You have one beautiful daughter Mashalla :) she'll be turning quite a lot of heads when she grows up! :)))

I wish I get excited with family visits... we didnt grow up with them, and it left this void that cant be filled up... and i dont want it to be filled to tell you the truth! :S

Glad you guys enjoyed your time :)))

Eid Mubarak & Happy Thanksgiving!


on the edge said...

Great to have a post from you ! Amira and your dad , what a fantastic pic !

Hope Thanksgiving was good for you !You must be pretty busy these days since it has been a while between posts . LOL! Take care , OTE