Thursday, December 3, 2009

Catch Up

Wow, the last part of this year seems to be going real quick. Either that or I'm really slacking.

Halloween weekend (see how fast time goes----it's already my dad, Amira and I took a rode trip to Los Angeles to see my grandmother. My grandmother (my mom's mom) turned 87 years old this year and is incredibly young for her age. She had just recently had eye surgery so we were going down to check on her as well as visit with my aunt who was visiting from Kansas.

For us adults it was a great visit because we were able to spend time together talking, laughing and catching up. For Amira, I'm sure, it was boring. However, being the trooper she is she never complained the whole time. Even though she didn't verbally complain, you can tell from her photos she took of herself sitting on Grandma's couch that she was "thrilled". lol

Our family is funny---during road trips part of our voyage is to stop at places we've deemed "famous"----places that have great food and even fonder memories. On this journey we discovered that a restaurant that went out of business years ago recently reopened in our old neighborhood in Los Angeles. It's called Bob's Big Boy. Although Bob's has great burgers what makes it so special is it's a place my mom and dad use to hang out with their friends when they were younger, and a place they introduced my brother and I too. And since then, my brother and I have been able to pass on the tradition to our kids. It was Amira's first visit and although it was just a burger to her, it was a "cool" place to go with mom and grandpa.


on the edge said...

So happy you had this chance to share your memories with Amira and make some more with her.I can see the family resemblance between Amira ,your grandmother and aunt .Beautiful women all .

Lebeeya said...

Glad you enjoyed your time :) Amirah is getting bigger by the day Mashallah!

BTW- I called you twice while I was in Sacramento, but you didn't answer both times! I was only there for a week so and I got so busy with visiting people that I wasn't able to try to call you again! I really wanted to see you and Amirah. Inshallah, next time.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam On the Edge,

It was a great adventure and one I feel very blessed we were able to do.

LEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAA, Salam! Oh my gosh---I didn't receive a vm message. :-( If I had I would have jumped at the opportunity to see you. I just figured you got too busy with your schedule (understandable---you sometimes can't see everyone) and weren't able to meet. Now I'm sad to learn this news. :-( It's not like you're in the neighborhood often---booohoooo Any chance you might be making another trip? ;-)

Rose Bud said...

Sounds like you had a great visit.

Benghazi Citizen said...

All this places with all the memories in them.
This strreet ,or that hotel ,or under that tree..
Or the restaurant that filled with great memories..
It is nice..
Bless you and your family.
Be well