Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Tale of Two Women - A Mini Series, Part IX

Clint and Claudia entertained often due to their bubbling personalities and their love for living in the moment, which came with a price. Due to their momentary living, they were freely spending money as much as they were relishing the roller coaster of fun.

Although from Deanna perspective, going to Clint and Claudia’s house for parties was taxing at best because there always seemed to be too much stimulation happening for her quiet living. There seemed to be no leaders in this household providing a since of direction but rather a frat house for two grownups, a young boy, and a slough of animals. Their doors were always opened for anyone and everyone to come in, stereo always blasting over the TV’s sporting event that was loudly playing. There seemed to be no sense of structure, organization, or anything that would create a sense of calmness but rather the opposite. Aside from the elevated noise from the stereo and TV, Clint and Claudia would be at opposite ends of the house with one often being in the actual house and the other on the patio, and they would shout to one another from their perspective positions, needing something. Of course they had to scream because of the already existing noise and the conversations that were going on with their guests. Moreover the kids were running from here to there doing whatever they wanted without any adult supervision. Even though Deanna always attended their parties and enjoyed the moments of madness, she couldn't wait to flee out of there because for some reason the craziness was more than she could handle at any given time.

Claudia was always a gracious hostess, visiting with everyone, making sure everyone had plenty to eat and drink and made sure no one ever needed anything. She created some of the most delicious Mexican dishes that had become a regular request from everyone whenever she was ask if she could bring something to their parties. Clint was responsible for the grilling, which he loved to do. He was also a great cook and liked to experiment with different foods. Clint, too, was a good host but at times seemed distracted or maybe even overwhelmed with things. He did seem to do better with smaller groups, but nonetheless was always very gracious.

However, after the parties when all the guests had left, these were the moments when Clint and Claudia would begin to argue over stupid things. Perhaps rather than waiting to the next day when they were recovered and rested from the party, they’d begin nitpicking at one another in this tiresome state, which could only result in hurt feelings.

More often than not, Clint would blame Claudia for the exorbitant amount of money that was spent on the parties. Even though he enjoyed these parties, the gatherings of their friends, the socialization, in the aftermath it would be Claudia’s fault they were having financial problems.

Claudia’s mundane jobs to someone of her social and economical background was degrading at best, so she would often stop going to work but never tell Clint because she didn’t want any trouble. For she would continue to get ready for work as if a normal day, take her son to school and then go somewhere for the day to not let on to Clint that she was no longer working. Certainly this passive-aggressive approach didn’t last for long because eventually there was no more money coming in from her and she’d run out of places to go. This would cause another heated argument between them, to which they both would share in the vilest of name calling to one another. Clint would make Claudia feel she was worthless as well as blame her for all their problems, to which Claudia being a strong woman would rebut back and they’d remain at odds with one another for days. The majority of these harsh arguments would also take place in front of their son, who managed to keep quiet and to himself during these time periods. As if the fuel between them was not already hot enough, they would then take their perspective positions to their families in order to gain their relatives approval of their side of the story. In sighting a very hectic atmosphere.

Time would go by and Clint and Claudia would be made up and act like young newly weds, hugging, kissing, cuddly, making sweetie faces to one another in front of everyone leaving their family members bewildered because after all they were still reeling from the days prior of their frenzied argument.

In the meantime Deanna and Adam’s relationship was blossoming quite nicely. One evening while Deanna and Adam were out he declared his undying love for her. He said that his eyes saw no but her. He explained that he’d lived in many parts of the world and had known lots of women, but had never met a woman like Deanna EVER. She was “different”. He told her that he thought all women were they same, that they always cared about material things and not necessarily supporting their man, but that Deanna had shown herself to be just the opposite of that and he found that to be extremely rare.

Adam continued to shower Deanna with jewels often. One time he bought a new Jaguar and was so excited to bring it to Deanna’s work to show her that on his way to her office, he stopped at a jeweler’s and picked up an emerald and diamond studded ring for her. Upon his arrival, Deanna and her co-workers went down stairs to see his new car and he presented her with this ring. She was speechless as well as extremely shy. She was actually overwhelmed at everything, but managed to hug him and tell him thank you. He had to return to work and so did she, so they parted ways and agreed to get together later. Adam called her later to see if she really liked her ring, to which she said that she did, it was beautiful. He said, “well I wasn’t sure because you didn’t seem very excited”. Deanna explained she was very shy in her outward expressed feelings, but that she was very grateful for his gift.

Adam was a very charismatic charming man who worked in sales for a local auto dealer. He was very hard working and extremely successful in his line of work. Deanna enjoyed occasionally going by his work because she’d be allowed to test drive all the newer cars. On one particular visit Adam had a cute little convertible Mercedes waiting out front just for Deanna to test drive. She was extremely reluctant to do this because she felt this car was too ‘fancy’. He laughed at her nativity and told her that it was just a car like all the others. Reluctantly she did consent to taking it for a drive, and smiled the whole while because she thought this was the coolest car.

Upon her return he asked her what she thought of the car, and she blushed and said she thought it was great. He asked her if she’d like to own it? Before this very moment, Deanna had only dreamed of one day owning a car like this one, but never actually believed she could. She laughed at his inquiry. Adam said, “No, I’m serious. Would you like to own this?” Deanna could see he was being serious and wanted an answer. She said that yes of course she’d like to own this car, but couldn’t afford it. He told her not to worry he had already talk to his boss and worked something out. Everything from that moment on happened so fast Deanna couldn't keep up with the turn of events. All she knew was when the dust had settled she had traded in her Honda and was now driving a Mercedes SLK.

On another one of their nights out dancing, Adam told Deanna again how much he loved her and that he wanted to marry her. He said she was the most beautiful woman on the inside and outside that he had ever met in his life, and would never love another as he did Deanna. He wanted to settle down, to have a family, and live a “normal” life. Deanna was thrilled because she loved and adored Adam. Nothing would make Deanna happier than to be married and have a family, so the proposal was just the onset of wonderful feelings Deanna knew she’d hold near and dear to her.

Adam told her that he wanted to wait until he started his own business as he felt that would bring more security to the family than working for the guy he considered as a jerk. Deanna was willing to wait because she could see Adam was making the preparations to begin his own auto sales business. In light of that fact, Deanna understood one owning their own business because her father had been an entrepreneur himself her entire life and the uncertainties of financial means being consistent scared her; however, she had all the faith in God that things would workout accordingly.

One thing Deanna learned over a period of time with Adam was how much appearances were important to him. Deanna was in sales to a degree as well, as she was an Assistant General Manager for an International commercial leasing company, so understood the importance of presenting one’s self well, but Adam seemed a little extreme to her. He would buy Deanna clothes, as a gift, but Deanna figured out later rather than sooner that it was a means of helping her dress ‘better’. Adam would express he enthusiasm when she’d wear a skirt and suit jacket, but give a distasteful look if she wanted to dress a little less formal on occasion. Deanna not wanting to disappoint him soon resolved herself to always look her best when with Adam. In addition to the clothing, the hair and makeup needed to be flawless. Deanna liked doing her hair, putting on some subtle makeup now and then but never considered it a daily regiment until she and Adam got together. His ways of getting her to change was very subtle and unnoticed by Deanna. For after all, she only cared about making him happy.

In the fall of that year, Adam and Deanna pledged their vows of marriage to one another in an extremely private setting, to which Deanna was relieved. She didn’t even include her family in this decision because she feared their criticism. Deanna knew all to well her mother’s negative attitude and didn’t want it to rain on her wonderful life. After all she hadn’t really even disclosed to her family her decision to embrace Islam, let alone inform her family that Adam was a Muslim. She knew the perceived reputation of a ‘used car’ salesman and believed disclosing anymore about Adam would be setting herself up to harsh criticism, so she remained silent. She always thought she’d figure a way to tell them one day, but just wasn’t sure when it would be the right time.

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