Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Feet

Last Thursday evening Amira and I were so excited because we were finally going to see Mixed Up Me and Angela after a dry spell. With school back in session and Angela’s theater rehearsals our time isn’t as flexible as it is during the summer, so we managed to squeeze in a little time together.

I’m not sure who was more thrilled Amira or myself, but regardless we were excited. When I told Amira we were meeting them the first thing she said was is, “which Starbucks are we meeting at?” I was embarrassed and thrilled at the same time because first I was so proud of her memory skills and then second embarrassed that she equates the four of us with Starbucks. Anyway, we got to Starbucks and Mixed Up Me and I immediately start catching up as we knew the clock is ticking, and Amira and Angela started playing as well. Watching them out of the corner of my eye I could see they were practicing something, but wasn’t quite sure what it was. All I knew was they were ripping the place apart, they weren’t disturbing patrons, they were not screaming and Mixed Up Me and I were able to catch up---all signs of a successful Starbucks visit. :-)

When our time was wrapping up the girls came over and said they wanted to show us something. They wanted to show us the penguin dance, which of course is a made up name as well as a made up dance. Angela asked Amira if she was ready, and she said she wasn’t because she wanted to dance with Brandon. Whoever Brandon is???? However, Angela being the good sport she is agreed to assume the role of Brandon. And with that said I leave you this quick little clip I was able to capture.


adnan said...

hi ibee

There is no difference between the Penguins, but the female can :D

Anglo-Libyan said...

mashaAllah both girls are really cute :o)

fatima said...

Aaah Starbucks...that's what my sister regards as the little peices of heaven on earth :D The clip didn't come up although others appear to have seen it :( i feel left out lol xxx

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Adnan,

Salam Anglo-Libayn,
Thank you.

Salam Fatima,
I know there seemed to be a problem when I uploaded the link to the blog for some reason, so I also put the link there just in case. Did you try think link?