Monday, October 15, 2007

Latest Read

After seeing one of Oprah’s shows a few weeks back with a guest speaker who wrote a book entitled Eat, Pray, Love, I knew that was going to be my latest read. The very next day I went out and purchased this book and have been reslishing it every since.

I’m not one that believes that things happen by change or by luck or anything like that, but rather think of them as divinely planned. I believe we have free will to make the choice to either follow the divine path that is laid before us or not. I believe the purpose of our lives is to learn from our mistakes, to stretch and grow beyond our own limits all for the purpose of having a closer relationship with God. So with that little tidbit information, I believe this book, although published in 2006 and even released in paperback in February 2007, was brought to my attention at the exact perfect time I was suppose to receive it.

I can relate to the author of this book on so many levels. The perfect description for her although linguistically I’m not certain any of us can be completely described to our full attention, but nonetheless she’s such a beautifully flawed human. She’s very funny. She makes herself very vulnerable with her life’s experiences, which is refreshing. She is so detailed in her experiences as if to say, “here I am standing completely naked for all to see my flaws, weaknesses, and insecurities”, and yet somehow this doesn’t make her seem weak, helpless, tawdry or even pathetic.

I am not completely through the book, but so far I can tell you it’s been a fantastic book to read. There are parts you just savor, then there are parts that leave you hungry for more, and even parts that leave you pondering. Overall I would consider this a must read book if for nothing else than the humanistic experience which is both so simple and yet so complicated. There is no doubt we are fascinating creatures to say the least.

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