Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Yesterday was Amira's class Thanksgiving Feast, and what fun it was to be a part of their activity.

Part of their class assignment was actually preparing food for the feast, as well as creating pilgrim hats for a parade around the school. :-)

Once the kids put on their pilgrim hats they marched outside and lined up until the other kindergarten class could join them. After a few moments the other class appeared dressed like Native American Indians banging drums. It was so cute to see the two groups intermingle and parade throughout the entire school singing a song that goes like this:

Five fat turkeys are weeeeeeeeeeee,
We spent all night in a treeeeeeeeee,
When the cook came around,
we couldn't be found!
So that's why we're here you seeeeeeeeeeeee!

After the parade we returned to the classroom where the children were assigned stations to finish the preparation of the Thanksgiving Feast.

I was assigned to the sweet potato station and what a hoot that was to see the kids totally enjoying smashing the sweet potatoes.

Following the preparation of the food was the task of taking everything out back to the picnic tables and dressing the table for the feast. The kids seemed to enjoy decorating and setting the table and did so in such an organized fashion. Considering we were right next to the playground with toys tempting to take them away from their assignments, they remained steadfast on their tasks.

Probably the most interesting part of this entire feast was the fact that it was vegetarian-----meaning no turkey. Can you believe that!!!!! That seems so un-American......LOL However, apparently it was decided upon to make it a vegetarian feasts because one of the teacher assistants is a vegan, so they were honoring her.


MusicLover said...

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

It was nice of the kids to honor their teacher. But no vegan thanksgiving for me :-)

Happy Thanksgiving in advance

Anglo-Libyan said...

Amira is looking as cute as ever, MashaAllah :o)

lol at the vegi thankgiving feast, at least some Turkies are happy and the kids had a great time, I too wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving in advance.

on the edge said...

Sounds like you all had a ball ! That is so neat that the kids prepared the food themselves . I can see it now , lol . Happy Thanksgiving !