Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well holding true to how most of this year has progressed along----strangely unpredictable---we spent Halloween with a mixture of events.

The day started our dreary and slightly wet but did not detour Amira's kindergarten group from attending a school field trip to Fog Willow Farm which is a pumpkin patch. Aside from feeling like we were driving to the end of the earth, it was a beautiful drive in farm country.

This place was so well organized and structured. My hat off to the owner and their employees because it was so efficient and amazingly operated. It was the last day of the season tours and I'm sure after thousands of screaming, high strung kids from all over they were ready for it to be the last day; however, their professionalism never led onto their possible exhaustion.

They had stations set up to teach the kids about farm life. We first visited a station where the kids were able to bundle hay. Then we were off to a tiny petting zoo where they could feed goats hay. Followed by selecting our own pumpkin, then onto a hay ride around the farm. After the hay ride, we went to an area where the kids could milk a simulated cow (now that was funny, but for liability reasons I understand why they did it), then to see some cows, a miniature horse, chickens, baby bunnies and an Alpaca. Lastly we had a picnic under some old oak trees. One of the best parts of the whole trip was the rainy weather held off long enough for us to enjoy the wonderful day.

Following the field trip, Amira had a doctor's appointment for her 'kindergarten' check up, which consisted of weighing her, measuring her height, listening to her lungs and asking a series of questions along with dreaded immunization shots, which I don't necessarily agree with but because the school requires them to keep your kid in school we had to do it. Well actually you can enroll your child in school without their immunization; however, should their ever been a breakout of anything then your child is immediately sent home even if they are not the cause of the breakout.

During the physical examination part, Amira told me that she liked doctors, but after the injection lady injected her 5 times through nearly inaudible words she uttered that she didn’t like doctors. Of course, I had to explain that this was a requirement of her school for her to attend there and that the doctors do not intend to hurt people but rather help them to remain healthy. However, it doesn’t matter what you tell someone whose just received 5 shots, they just want to cry and be mad. So, she cried because it didn’t feel good, and I cried because she didn’t feel good.

After leaving the doctor’s office we returned home to get ready to go to my brother’s house for the evening. We were not only celebrating Halloween but his birthday as well.

When we arrived at his house there was a Tinkerbell sighting.

And as unusual as this year has been the trick or treaters were no different. Usually there are hundreds of kids that come through the neighborhood gathering candy, but this year there were only a handful of kids that were out. Makes me wonder if the below capture doesn’t truly depict the Halloween season for this year.

All in all it was a good day with the exception of now dealing with Amira having a low-grade fever due to the immunization shots. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


PH said...

LooooL at the comic, as for the shots I have mixed feeling about them. I think some are important and others not, for example I always skip the flu shot :P.

salaam and take care

Adriana said...

My husband is the grandson of libanes.I'm brasilian .Lovely go through here!I have two daughters . Salaam!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
LOL@skipping the flu shot. You know one time I had a flu shot and was the sickest I had ever been in my life. Moreover, I was sick the entire year. So, from that moment on I vowed never to do that again to myself.

Salam Adriana,
Welcome and thank you for stopping by. Your daughter are beautiful.

on the edge said...

Sounds like a fun Halloween ... except for the shots that is . I used to cry along with my kids when they were little too at the time they had their shots .I am old enough to remember when not all shots were required and am glade that they are now . Did you know that there is STILL the Black Plague in the world . Any way .....

I loved the pumpkin . My youngest sons birthday was on Halloween . He was a Trick or Treat all his life, right up until his death .He was our pumpkin carver . He was a artist so they were always interesting to look at . WOW , this brings back wonderful memories !

Halloween still remains one of our family's all time favorite holidays . My niece and nephews would look forward to it just as much as my little kids since they would come and take my little kids Trick or Treating or help pass out the candy , when we lived in the States .We would decorate the house inside and out . That was way before it was a popular thing to do . Tink looked so cute . Love her little purple slippers too !