Friday, November 14, 2008


The word coexist in of itself sounds so lovely and wonderful and yet seems to be one of the most difficult things for us humans to accomplish on this planet. Why is that?

I've heard and read so many things indicating how different the east and the west are from one another, yet I never seem to see any definitives on this subject matter….more vague than concrete. Moreover, it seems whenever there is an expounding on this subject matter its more about the differences rather than the similarities. I wonder, just wonder, if we discussed and shared our similarities if we wouldn’t discover how much we are alike rather than not.

Part of the equation that seems to be so finely intertwined and at times difficult to tell the difference is cultural upbringing and religious teachings, and I think this causes confusion.

For the sake of discussion, please share what you feel are the similarities based on your experience or knowledge between the east and the west.

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on the edge said...

People are people where ever they are from and live . Children love their mothers and fathers . Families gather around the tables for more than just sustenance .It hurts just the same when you lose a loved one and when some one you love is sick , you want the very best medical care there is for them . We all pray to the same God , just different names , that's all .We all want peace .And HOPE is a four letter word we all need .