Sunday, December 7, 2008

Amira and Grandpa Bonding Time

On Sundays I work which then gives Amira and Grandpa bonding time as he's the one that watches her for me.

Grandpa seems to always be clever and thinking of something for the two of them to do during their time together. Sometimes it's a picnic to the park. Other times it's working out in his gym together. Or perhaps their latest hobby is hunting gophers.

Recently my dad's neighborhood has been infested with gophers which are ruining the neighborhood yards with trenches and holes everywhere from their little explorations. Actually I'm not really sure the purpose of the gopher aside from lawn wreckage, and apparently the neighborhood feels the same way. So, my dad has been doing research on how to outs'd the pesty gopher and has tried a number of attempts to no avail. However his latest plot seems to be working. He and Amira are setting traps throughout the yard capturing these rascals. Below find some photos of Amira's proud captures.


Fatima said...

In all honesty I've never heard of a gopher they say, you learn something new every day :D
Just wanted to wish you and amira a Eid Mubarak!

on the edge said...

Gophers are a pain and it is so nice the Amira and Grandpa have each others company BUT ..... having said that ... maybe grandpa could find a less violent way to ride himself of them ? Having said that , Amira is a real go getter and not a shy girly girl when it comes to those traps with dead gophers !Um... BTW ... a very Happy Eid to both .

PH said...

Happy Eid to you and your family :).

Highlander said...

Happy Eid to you and Amira and Granps :)

Like Fatima I never heard of gophers :)- looks like a cross between a rat and a mole to me :P

Anglo-Libyan said...

good on Amira :o)

Eid Mubarak to all of you