Saturday, December 20, 2008


I’m not certain if one truly realizes how much time they spend doing something repeatedly on a daily basis until they are no longer able to repeat such an act.

I, for one, had not realized how much time I devoted to being online even though my daily work now does not allow me the freedom to be online like it once did until I was forced to be offline for a period of time. My computer caught a virus forcing me to be down for a spell and I was actually surprised I went to withdrawals. However as if not to panic I was still able to check my emails via my cell phone, but due to the slowness and awkwardness of doing so I even found myself not devoting as much time as possible. Although there did feel like some sort of security knowing I could still be “connected” even though I wasn’t really. Moreover, once the initial shock of being forced offline set in I realized how much more freedom I had to do other things.

Probably the thing I missed the most was during those sleeplessness nights I didn’t have my friend, “online connection”, available for my distraction, but with time even that seemed to not feel as bad as the initial days.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was so delighted to have my pc back to reconnect again, but I hope I can curtail my dependency a bit. ;-)


PH said...

Welcome back and yes it is good to control our addictions. Unfortuntely for me computers are my only addiction so cutting back on it would mean looking for a new job and hobby :P.


a libyan lady said...
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a libyan lady said...

So glad to have you back dear....
As for the withdrawal symptoms when not getting the right dose of not being online ,welcome to the club ;-)

Its gotten to a point with me that I have had to leave my mobile and laptop at my office while grinding my teeth,and getting the shakes!I have had to evaluate family time versus being online !

Obviously family time is so precious and as my kids are all grown up Id like to spend as much time with them as possible,for I never know when my time will be over and all they will have left are hopefully good memories only :-)

Happy Holidays !


Anglo-Libyan said...

I had a week off line too as I was away and could not be bothered to go to internet cafes, I did feel a bit lost but it was not too bad, nice break in a way :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
Thanks. It pays to be addicted to a job that pays

Salam Libyan Lady,
Nice to see you back online again. I do hope all is well, inshallah.

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
You are right. Initially being cut off was shocking but eventually it was a nice break, but I missed all of you in the meantime, so am delighted to be back online. How's the job hunting?

Romana said...

My condolences, I know I'm late, but i just found out :(

and welcome back!

MusicLover said...

"My computer caught a virus forcing me to be down for a spell and I was actually surprised I went to withdrawals."

Hope you did not loose any data on your computer as for withdrawals maybe it is time to invest in a smartphone or cheaper way to be connected to the internet is download Opera mini which is a browser, on your phone and you have the whole internet on your phone. Some sites have already developed their websites for mobile phones or use the Opera technology. Ask your carrier if you your phone support Opera. It works even great on slow networks.

At least you had to be creative how to use your free time without internet but I think at the end I think you found out that maybe you spend too much time on internet :-) as most people do.

For a sleeplessness night maybe watching a movie would do the trick with popcorn next to you and a drink.

Happy Holidays

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on the edge said...

I can relate . I needed to pay my internet time but keep putting it off , just to see how long I could stay away , lol . A true addict huh ?

Then I discovered books and the TV again. The show Nip Tuck and the rest is history ! LOL But had to go on line , my girls were complaining they couldn't talk to me . Welcome back !