Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking back

What can one say about the year 2008 aside from it being a definite year of new beginnings! And with new beginnings, they can be quite tumultuous as well as thrilling.

The year started with both my work and income being cut in half due to the financial market, yet with sudden opportunities to explore a multitude of options for a new career that would be both rewarding and satisfying. So in January I began attending an accelerated course in massage therapy while maintaining my remaining paralegal accounts. This was both challenging as well as exciting as I had not been in a classroom setting in forever.

Amira was still attending pre-school but her days had turned to full-time. She was advancing educationally as well as coming out of her shell a little bit and really interacting with the other kids. She had actually become a team-leader of sorts when it came to clean up time----or maybe to the other children she was a task-master because she made sure everything was put away neat and tidy as the teachers had requested.

At then end of February I graduated from massage school and was now out beating the streets to find work. I was hired to work at a day spa down the street from my house immediately which quickly I discovered was not conducive to my work habits, so opted to keep searching for the “right” fit. Thankfully I still had my paralegal accounts and was able to be more selective in my search for work. In late May I was hired with a massage clinic which focuses only on massage, which really boded well with me, and I’ve been there ever since. At the end of August I had finally made the decision to end my paralegal work to pursue massage full-time and have never regretted the decision. To some this may seem like a crazy choice or decision, however, for me personally I feel like I'm finally doing what I'm suppose to be doing......helping people heal. For it's not just physical healing, but it's emotional and spiritual healing as well, and what an honor to be in such a position.

In mid August, Amira’s application was submitted to the California Montessori Program for a lottery draw to attend kindergarten, and much to our excitement her name was drawn. The beauty of this program is it’s a private school education within the California public school system so there is no tuition for attendance, just parent participation throughout the school year. So, off to kindergarten Amira went and has been loving it everyday.

In mid September we experienced one of the greatest losses one can ever imagine; we lost my mom. Again with it being a year of new beginnings, this was yet another new beginning for our family. We now have to learn how to live without her physical presence with us everyday. For me she was my best friend, cheerleader, confidant, strength, and support system. Certainly to try and learn how to live without such an important role in your life is challenging at best. I miss the sound of her laughter, which was so infectious as well as her enthusiasm when she’d get really excited over something. However, I have no doubt she’s still around us, and continuing to cheer and support us from afar.

As we near the end of another year and reflect back, we realize there is so much to be thankful for. We have great family/friends, great health, and wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Now as we look forward may the seeds of new beginnings, which were planted and now sprouting, be nurtured with passion and an abundance of love throughout the New Year.


on the edge said...

I was so touched by your post .It seems to have been a eventful year with many beginnings and endings as well, for you and your family .All the way the Hand of God rested on your shoulders .May the new year bring with it a sense of peace and much happiness too . All the best to you and Amira !

a libyan lady said...

Dear B,
a poem for you to cheer you up....

New years come and new years go, Pieces of time all in a row.

As we live our life, each sec and min,
We know we are privileged to have you in it.
My Happy New Year wishes to you
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.

A year in which you cherish
The past years' memories,
And live your life each new day
Full of bright expectancies.

I wish you a holiday
With happiness galore
And when its done,
I wish u a
Happy New Year, and many more.

I hope I have put a smile.
Best Wishes to you , Amira and all your lovely family.

Lost-Libyan said...

My Fav blogger.....sorry for ur loss!! my deepest condolences!! U never told me that ur mother physically parted ways with u! but Im sure she is always around to protect you!
here is a song to cheer u up:

Well, seems to me not only Lost-Libyan went through a phase of change during 2008....the wind of change also hit ur shores, but Bravo its never too late to pursue what u want to do! Amira is lucky to have u as a mom! Im lucky to have u as a friend!
May 2009 sprout the seeds of change to be just as u want them to grow!
Happy new year!