Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Event and Memorable Moments

This past weekend I was asked to work at a Middle Eastern Dance Festival called Rakkasah, which was quite an honor to be asked. My former dance teacher's daughter, Jamilla, is also a massage therapist as well as an esthetician in Beverly Hills, CA. She and her mom have been a part of the belly dance community forever both as performers and vendors, so when I was asked by Jamilla if I wanted to work with her performing massages I jumped on the opportunity. It was my first massage event which I was both thrilled and nervous about, but felt very secure in the fact that Jamilla was a pro at these types of things and knew I'd be in good hands. It's always nice when someone else has already foliaged through something working out all the kinks and ooops that come along with beginning something new. :-)

The event turned out to be very profitable for both of us along with being amazingly fun. Where else can one go to work, listen to great music, watch people, enjoy hundreds of performing dancers, and work all at the same time! I would certainly partner again with Jamilla anytime and anywhere she wanted as we just clicked so well together.

One of my friend's graciously offered to take care of Amira for me on Saturday and Sunday while I went to this event as my dad is still in Arizona. Although I've known my girlfriend for many many years Amira has only met her a couple of times, so I was concerned about how Amira would handle staying at someone else's house but trusted she would do well. My friend's daughter is about 7 years older than Amira and was thrilled Amira was coming for the weekend as she was really looking forward to taking care of her. :-)

Anyway, on Saturday evening I called my friend to say good night to Amira and to see how she was doing. My friend had shared she was doing great and they were all having a fun time, and then she put Amira on the phone. We talked briefly and she said she was having fun. It's funny, I don't talk to Amira on the phone much as there's no reason because she's always with me but on the rare occasions I've talked to her on the phone it sounds so weird to hear her voice. Anyway, every night before we go to sleep I ask Amira where she'd like to go in our dreams. I've done this for years, as my thinking was if the last thing she thought about before she went to sleep was of peaceful things then perhaps she'd have peaceful sleep. So anyway, when I asked her where she wanted to go Saturday night she said that she wanted to go to Butterfly Island (a place she says if filled with beautiful butterflies as well as beautiful flowers) to which I replied with a smile "ok baby, I'll see you there when I fall asleep" and she responded "ok---bye bye". After hanging up the phone although I was smiling at these precious words I also had a tear in my eye because it's these precious words and thoughts that are so memorable and meaningful. It's these moments that remind us that nothing else matters but the preciousness of your loved ones.

It was so wonderful to finally get Amira back in my arms and us home safely. And now we are off to another busy week. This Friday evening we fly out to Arizona to see my dad, aunt and cousins for a couple of days. We are thrilled. Then next week some time dad comes home----YIPPIE!!!!


Anglo-Libyan said...

sounds like a good job, even if it was only for few days :o)

wish you and Amira a safe trip inshaAllah, enjoy

dusk till dawn said...

salam ibee
it seems u did enjoy ur self in full with this new part time job ha ha , keep u fit , i could do with a gentle massage, can i book a session? and will i get a discount.and end up with a big rakssa.oooooooooooooops i forget iam a married man , have a nice week end ,say hi to Amira ,

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
It was a great weekend and one I hope to experience again but not too soon as it can be tiring as well.

Salam Dusk Till Dawn,
It's funny, when people find out I'm a massage therapist which I don't generally announce because of the discussions or assumptions people like to make about it, their response is almost always the same. Now mind you this is both women and men that say this.....(or something along these lines).."oh I could use a massage"....LOL However, I know of only one person who has ever said to me "wow, you work hard----you must need a massage". These few words were so precious to hear---believe me. :0)

Libyan Violet said...

What a great opportunity Ibeebarbie, well done for handling it so well and for Amira to be such an understanding child. The precious moments we share with our loved ones are priceless !

Romana said...

Now seems like a load of fun! :) glad you enjoyed your time :)

and a safe trip Inshalla to Arizona


on the edge said...

Tonight when I sleep I will travel to Butterfly Island to visit with you both , if I may ? Sounds like a wonderful place to go !!! And speaking of wonderful ... what a great idea that was to start with her !

I can only imagine what a great time your week end was like . Really sounds fantastic to me . You are so right ... what a way to live !!!

Hope you have a safe trop !