Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well Amira and I have had a couple of busy weeks with school, work and life in general. She recently had a science fair at her school which meant we had to come up with something for her project. I sooooooooooooooooooooo stink at science so was talking to one of my co-workers who shared her daughter made a volcano for an experiment, and thought we could do that! So, erupting volcano it was. I still want to record a little video of her doing the actual project, but until then here's some photos.

My neighbor lady who is 70 just had a severe fall outside her home recently and decapitated the ball joint in her right shoulder. Can you say, "OUCH!!!!!" Anyway, Amira and I have been helping her out and spending time with her. Just love this lady so much. She's feisty and classy all at the same time. She reminds me a lot of Audrey Hepburn..............interestingly enough her first name is Audrey. Go figure!

She's also asked me to work some massage on her, which of course I'd never deny her that request, and she actually feels there's some improvement. We can only hope and pray she doesn't have to have any surgery. We'll go to the doctor's on Monday for some updated x-rays to see her progress. Keep your fingers crossed.

This weekend is also going to be busy. Yesterday we have to go to a funeral for one of my other co-workers who lost her mom. The poor girl is only 20 years old and her mom was only 46. Was not actually looking forward to going (who actually is ever happy to go to a, but knew how important it was that she receive as much love and support as possible. The service was very nice and many people spoke of this woman I had never met and shared snipets of her life from their experiences with her, which were very heartfelt. May God rest her soul and now begin healing this family as they learn to live their lives differently, inshallah.

Then today I have two clients coming to my home for massages which I'm looking forward too as well.

Some where in between all this maddness we need to do laundry for Amira's class. :-) Not worried as somehow these things always get done and worked out.

Tell me what you're doing this weekend.


MusicLover said...

This is excellent program, usually the Elementary school have Mad Science program after school hours, kids love it.

Damien Rice - Volcano

Volcano - Jimmy Buffett

Mixed Up Me said...

The first science project of many . . . I have LOTS of ideas for the years to come! As for the weekend, I've been sick!! YUCK!

I hope to see you guys soon. Send a hug to Audrey for me!

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
cant wait to see the video, I want to show it to the kids :o)

weekend was not that great, spent a long time trying to unblock the outside drain, horrible job lol

Libyan Violet said...

That volcano looks super realistic.

As for my weekend, I took Pearl out for a picnic.

Shahrazad said...

Fantastic cant wait to see the video.
Amira has grown up some mashallah.

So nice of you to take care of your neighbor.I love old ladies especially my grandma ,get along with her better than my parents,though they are quite open minded and understanding!

Where did you learn to massage?? What requirements are needed??

For the weekend we had a great family gathering time as it was Miloud .
Visited my father and stepmother and my young siblings -not forgetting the newborn twins. They named them Dina and Dunia (strange but they do look like my Dunia)

I cried from joy when they told me. My father hugged me close to him as he felt my pain and happiness at the same time.

Old wives tales say that when you name somebody after a person you love they will have their same character and resemblance -we will see !

on the edge said...

I used to just HATE the science fair projects !!!! My poor kids had a hard time of it . One son wanted to always invent something ! GROAN !!!

We went for a ride in what just 3 years ago was the country but is now a extension of Tripoli . Still was able to see the occasional field here and there . Weather has been lovely too , so had to get out and about !

Benghazi Citizen said...

Well,,volcanos always work..right??:)
i remeber i did have my own set of test tubes ,batteries ,microscope..
MY family was always worried that i may blow some thing up..and in a few occasions i almost did.ithat was the best period of my life,..
update us about her project ,ok??
About you neighbour: OOOUUUCHH..
It is great that you help her..this a very sweet gesture...
---Of course my night shifts keep me as busy as an asteroid about to hit other words:i'm having a great time blowing my own brain fuses off...sigh
Well,,have a good time ,,and be well
bless you and your family
till next time
Benghazi Citizen