Thursday, March 26, 2009

Need for Vacation

Amira and I returned safely from a whirlwind weekend to Arizona. It was so wonderful to see my dad after all this time. Moreover, it was so heartwarming to see Amira run to Grandpa in the airport to hug him.

We were greeted at the airport by my dad and two of my cousins and from their the entertainment began.

What I find most fascinating about family gatherings is the mixture of personalities that would not in any other situation mix or mingle together. Moreover, in any other situation these personalities would never get along. However, for the sake of I suppose nothing else but the mere "family bond" do these personalities endure through the ages. Truly the are like fire and gasoline when gathered together and yet they all seem to somehow manage. It was rather interesting as a somewhat "outsider" as I'm not around it on a daily basis to see them interact. If for nothing else it was rather entertaining and overwhelming at the same time.
The core base of the family members, my aunt and her four now adult children, have very strong views and opinions which can conflict with one another at times. Then you mix in their respective spouses who feel it's their right by marriage to throw in their opinions of the family members and the games begin.

The part that intrigues me is the core base family members get along well. I suppose because they've known each other since early childhood and have learned to adapt, adjust and respect one another's opinions. For this core group at times can be at conflict with one another but if an outsider were to throw in their two cents on the conflict the core group would immediately re-group, bind together and take that outsider out.

The core group is very loving, supportive and helpful. They are genuinely good all around people that do their best to help their family, their community, etc.

Because of the loudness and some times brassness of my family, I'm always surprised to hear when one of them is getting married because my first thought is "have they met the core base family?" And if so, my next thought would be "what's wrong with them?" I know that sounds harsh and strange, but honestly I wonder why an outsider would want to join the force because no matter what, they will still be an outsider to a certain degree.

Aside from the madness of the mixed personalities we had a great time............lots of laughter and memorable moments.

Again, only having two real full days there we pretty much just hung out at my aunt's house visiting with everyone, but on Sunday we went as a group to a place called Rawhide which is like an old wild west town.

Here's some photos from our trip.

Outhouse used for the ATM.

Sign out my aunt's backyard.

Sign over the front door of one of my cousin's home.

Sign over the front door of one of my cousin's home.


Shahrazad said...

great pics habibti .thanks for sharing your trip with us.

hope youre always together doing things,thats what is most important.


on the edge said...

Sounds like our family , lol ! Are you sure you are not related to us ? LOOOL !Glade you got to go .