Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Spring is definitely in the air i.e., trees blooming new leaves, flowers blossoming, staying lighter later, the uncertainty of weather (one minute cold and the next moment hot), the wind kicking up people’s allergies and the smell of BBQs to name a few.

Last weekend my dad returned from Arizona----YIPPIE! Thankfully he came home to great weather otherwise I’m sure he would have turned around and headed back to Arizona for a few more weeks. Although the good weather could have been a little trick, as it’s known to still rain and be cold through April and some of May, we’ll see. Anyway, he made it home safe and sound and is happy to be in his own bed after so long.

What a welcoming home though for dad as that very weekend I had bought a new bed for Amira and needed propane for my BBQ, and dad was right there to help. I’m sure he had no idea he was going to be delivery guy. We used his truck to get Amira’s new bed and he and I got it all set up in her room, then at the same time my brother’s neighbor’s niece was having a baby any moment and was in desperate need of baby things so I gave them Amira’s crib which was essentially brand new as she sleeps with me and two car seats. So we loaded dad’s truck up with that stuff and off he went to the next stop.

The next day we fired up the BBQ and I made Amira hamburgers for dinner. She set the table we have outside with our plates, napkins, drinks and condiments for the hamburgers along with fresh tomatoes. She was so thrilled for the hamburgers that she ended up eating nearly two whole burgers herself. I swear I don’t know where she puts that food, but her eating is always a topic for conversation. It seems from what people share that kids can be picky eaters or at best not eat much at all. The parents are always complaining their kids never eat and certainly not vegetables, so when Amira comes along and eats whatever is presented to her it’s as if she’s breaking some non-eating kids record.

Today we will be planting our very small garden, which we are both thrilled about. We are planting tomatoes, strawberries, sweet basil and peppermint. I’ve never personally planted a garden so am thrilled to see what happens. I remember as a kid we had a garden and thought it was thrilling. Although from my parents point of view years later, it was a lot of work. Should the results of our labor produce anything we’ll be sure and share photos.

One of my friends/former co-workers is going through a rough time. She’s the one I may have shared is 20 years old and lost her mom recently. A couple of weeks after losing her mom she was able to return to work, but to only be dismissed from her position after a few days. I’m not certain of the details nor does it matter, but nonetheless I’m feeling for this girl because right now she’s in the place where everything that seems to go wrong will go wrong. So for a good excuse to keep with the use of the BBQ I invited her and a few other co-workers to come for a BBQ.


Sparkling Motivation said...

Yup, Spring sure is in the air! And i think everyone should have a post about it, stating what life is like at their end of the world ;)

Tomorrow (Sunday), I'm going out with some friends to a park we've never been to be before. I hope it's all worthwhile and I get nice 'blossoming' pics :P

Thnx Barbie and take care

enjoy spring as we know it lol

on the edge said...

Life is good ! Glade your dad is home again . How does Amira like her new bed ?Nice of you to pay it forward and help others out . It is all a circle and always comes home to enrich your life . Blessings !

Shahrazad said...

Spring is here in Tripoli too habibti but today its back to cold again and sandy rain ....

Happy that you got your dad back home. Sharing your things with others in need is what life is all about.

Thanks for updating us to what you've been up to habibti.