Monday, August 17, 2009

Hair Cut & First Grade

Well summer has officially come to an end as Amira's school started back in session.
She asked me to cut her hair because she didn't like having the tangles combed out every morning and thought the shorter hair would prevent that......for the most part it has. :-)
Today was the first day back to school and Amira was thrilled to be going back to learn new jobs. She told me her goal was to do the harder jobs first so she could finish with the easier ones. Pretty smart thinking!

New backpack
Trying out her new "wink"
Funny Face
As a result of spending too much time with Grandpa gopher
hunting---Amira makes this gopher


dusk till dawn said...

salam ibee

Amira looks so cute in her new hair cut, i think she is growing up to be very cheecky young lady, u must be proud of her, we wish her a very great start , i am sure she is gonna be a model soon ha ha

Sparkling Motivation said...

What a lovely little princess you got there! Amourah ;)

So... now it's the first grade huh?
Hope you'll see her in grad school one day... ^_^

Best wishes and Happy Ramadan

on the edge said...

She gets prettier and smarter by the year ! My daughters both had hair down to their behinds when they started kindergarten but insisted I cut it when school started . I cried. They laughed at me and felt so grown up .

Libyan Violet said...

That is one hell of a pretty lady - mashallh Ibee

Anonymous said...

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