Sunday, May 16, 2010

How do you spend your Sunday?

Today (Sunday) started out with some high cloud coverage with temperatures setting in the mid 70's with a slight breeze. Amira and I decided to spend some time in our backyard, dedicated the name “Peace Garden” by Amira. She decided to bring her dolls outside and set them on the lounge chair to sun bathe as the clouds temporarily parted bringing a beautiful blue sky and bright sun.

She then decided to drag out a table and set of chairs she had in her bedroom for a tea party.

But the part I really loved was the "basketball net" she decided to attach to the back of the house. Pictures below---for truly I could not describe it as well as the pictures show it. :-)

Before going on, I have to tell you her "tools" for attaching it to the house and her thought process behind using these tools.

2-massage oil

Tape for the obvious reason of adhering it to the wall. When I asked about the other two "tools" she stated the massage oil was "kinda sticky and the soap dried things", which apparently was serving as another adhesive. Pretty smart cookie, eh?

While I was sitting in the "peace garden" reading a book she returned inside to do something. She eventually returned to the backyard and said that she wanted me to come inside with her and jump. Jump???? "Jump on what", I asked. She suggested I come inside so she could show me. Of course being a mom---told her she had to clean up the backyard first then I'd come inside.

After everything was clean, we went inside. To my utter surprise I found her mattress sitting in the living room for her jumping pleasure. Again, pictures attached as they say far more than words.

So, that's how we spent our Sunday. How about you?

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Sparkling Motivation said...

Awww that's pretty darn cute n_n that is one creative girl, I must say.

Sorry I didn't tune in to this last Sunday otherwise I'd have told you what I'd done...


So, will be back tomorrow Inshallah...

Amira? Keep up the good 'jump'! ^_^


Sparkle xxx