Saturday, May 8, 2010

School of Life

Dad is home and recovering nicely. He went for a walk yesterday-delighted to start doing it again. He's determined to live life as he believes he still has much to do and see. What I learned from this whole experience was that until that moment he came out of surgery I'd been merely existing since my mom passed---not really living. I believe this is also true for my dad and brother. Here's to learning how to live!

Michael Bernard Beckwith--Your life began in the heart and mind of the Infinite. Mentally relive the days when as a child you ran free, when there were infinite possibilities of what you could feel, accomplish, and see in the world. Allow for the energy of your remembered freedom to thunder through you, and you will free yourself from the false obstacles your adult life has put in your path.


Libyan Violet said...

I am very sorry I missed this important development in your father's life- but I am happy to see that he has recovered well. Thank God modern medicine is now making processes easier but the worry is never easier and I understand that very much.

on the edge said...

I have to say what Libyan Violet said also . Am so VERY happy to learn your dad is doing so well and you have awoken to life again . Welcome back to the land of the Living, the 3 of you .
Had your dad on my mind often and in my prayers . Hope this Father's Day is blessed 4 all of your family .