Thursday, April 19, 2007

Musical connection

Today I realized it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, and was pondering what I should express about today, if anything. Finding myself, as Natasha Bedingfield states in her song Unwritten, staring at a blank page before me realizing I need to open up the dirty window and let the sun illuminate the words I cannot find. What a great song!
Truly a wonderfully reflective song that reminds us to open our minds and hearts to be willing to receive what life has to offer us either good or bad at any given time. Another terrific reminder in this particular song is to live with your arms wide open. How often do we in an attempt to protect ourselves build a barrier (in this case our arms) around ourselves only to also exclude those that desire to get in?

What is it with music that consuls us, defines us, drives us, elevates us, reminds us and stimulates us? Either through mere musical percussion or actual lyrics.

I have two Arabic singers that I’m an absolute fan of their music and truly have no idea what they are saying as I don’t understand Arabic. However, their particular music can either uplift my current state of mind or literally bring me to tears. These two are Om Kalthoum and Hakim.

I also find Classical music wonderfully stimulating. It’s great for cleaning house or getting me focused and calm. How could this be?

I’d be curious to know if and how music affects you.


cofman said...

hey Barbie,

thanks for sharing

I like your choice btw, Natasha’s song PLUS video, thought, awesome especially the last 2 seconds of the vid when the guy changes his mind and returns running to her ..
Lyrics? Can’t beat it I guess .. everything about the song, I thought .. and the subtle stories in the lift .. love, companionship, affection, kisses … fun fun fun which is = life life life lol

Also liked the mix of videos/music, Om Kalthoum, + the other guy I forgot his name

Be back to see it again, and see what you said … I was busy between various places while vid was playing …
thought I let you know
( left you a comment in the café … hope you understand 10 % of it lol )

cofman said...

I read what you wrote, … last time I was everywhere when the music was on ..

You say “… to live with your arms wide open. How often do we in an attempt to protect ourselves build a barrier (in this case our arms) around ourselves only to also exclude those that desire to get in? ”
if you look at my photo I published a day or 2 ago, you’d see me doing just that .. arms doing the protection .. or a bit uncomfortable / a bit shy / cold even / whatever …
but that was years ago …
you wouldn’t believe the change I went through … I am very different now … very …
( one little example ya Barbie … I was in france last year .. met a decent guy, Philip, while there … maybe we spent 45 minutes talking about various stuff …and unexplored opportunities … work and what have you … that was all with Phil , 60 mins maximum …. Within 3 months he sent me stuff worth $1200, with no papers, or contracts, or anything … just because, I guess, he felt he could rely on me experimenting with his money he took the risk with a total stranger … Now we are Great friends .. oh yeah … visited me twice )

thanks for sharing lady
and hey? you don’t have to have a topic to talk about … talk about anything…

thanks a lot for making your page so friendly and warm

Anglo-Libyan said...

I like Natasha Bedingfield too and this song is one of her best.

I like listening to music when driving mainly but sometimes when doing something on the computer as well.

Try Fairouz, very beautiful & peaceful voice, I have many of her songs on an old post or YouTube.

Brave Heart said...

i'm with AL, try Firuz she is the best and her songs help to relax

ibeebarbie said...

AngloLibyan, Thank you for the suggestion of Fairuz. I did go to your blog and listen to what you share. Simply wonderful.

Brave Heart, Thank you for stopping by and adding your input. I did go to AngloLibyan's blog and listen to Fairuz, and as you stated her voice was soothing and relaxing.