Friday, April 27, 2007

Out of the mouths of Babes

Yesterday I had to take my daughter with me to one of the offices’ I work at, as there was a recent out break of ‘pink eye’ aka Conjunctivitis in her school. For those that may not be familiar with ‘pink eye’ you can see it's definition here under Conjunctivitis. Truly nothing earth shattering, and extremely common in kids.

My whole philosophy on people’s overreaction to any little medical illness is a whole other topic in itself for me. Simply put – lighten up people! Just because there’s a sniffle doesn’t mean you panic and start injecting antibiotics, which just kills all the natural bacteria used to fight off infections. Moreover, I say let all the kids in school get it at once, so we can get it over with at the same time and move on with our lives. Anyway, I digress.

So, my daughter and I head off to the office to work for the day. She managed to have a few toys to play with and did remarkably well considering we were cooped up in an office all day. Even we as adults have a hard time staying focused and quiet in an office environment before getting bored and restless. :-)

Finally towards the last hour of the day, she couldn’t take it anymore and was getting restless and wanted to use the computer because after all, the computer was taking Mom’s attention away from her. So, I found a website for kids that allows them to operate the mouse as a coloring crayola and they can then color a picture. She thought this was great fun, and I was impressed at her operating skills at 3 ½ years old mash Allah.

At one point she said, “You can color a picture if you like”. She then pulled up a My Little Pony picture and then gave me the mouse to color the picture. Of course she had to tell me which colors to use to color the picture, and I obeyed. When I finished the picture, she looked at me and said, “Good job Baby. I’m so proud of you. Give me a hug.” My heart just melted and I hugged her, and I heard one of my co-workers say, “ohhhhhhhhh that’s so sweet”.

Truly I found a lesson in this incredibly endearing moment, and that was to watch your actions and choose your words carefully because she was merely repeating what she’s heard before.


mani said...

how right you are..

how cute is your daughter..

bless both of you inshallah :)

white african said...

mashallah may allah protect and guide her,

soooooooo cute

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mani and White African,