Monday, April 16, 2007

What's in a name?

Greetings and Happy Monday to Everyone!

Well as most may know in the U.S. it is down to the wire with the filing of our income taxes----yuck!

I’ve been advised that although I’m self-employed under my own name that for the sake of the Federal Government I should come up with a business name. Apparently, my name alone is not enough to identify myself as my business. Can you imagine? I can only imagine that the simplicity of my business name (my own name) is both confusing and mind-boggling to the institution of governmental regularities.

So, in an attempt to satisfy both the Federal Government and myself through via compromise, I’m imploring the assistance of my dear friends to assist me with coming up with a name for my business. Some parameters to consider – I’m an independent paralegal, loan processor for mortgage broker, seasonal tax preparer , spiritual seeker, humanitarian, philosopher and my most valuable role is being a single mom of a 3 ½ year old girl. So, as you can see I wear many hats, but don’t want to be labeled by one specific task. Also, just for the mere principal of the fact, I would like to somehow keep my name incorporated in the business name. Your creativity will assist me in satisfying the Federal Government as well make this ridiculously fundamental procedure humorous.


Mixed Up Me said...

Okay here's my thought . . . Ibeebarbie DBA "Works Harder Than The President" (who doesn't have anything better to do than sit around making people rename themselves!)

This was my favorite from tax season this year . . . "You are qualified to e-file if you choose to do so. This will save you time, blah, blah, blah . . . and allow your refund to be deposited into your account faster."

Then I get the letter . . . "Please print and sign a copy of your tax forms and mail them to the IRS in order for your file to be completed."

Umm, okay, whatever!! So much for a quicker refund!

Have a great day!

Anglo Libyan said...

good luck with the name, if i think of one i would let you know although perhaps you could use your daughter's name.

or maybe: Ibeebarbie WMH (with Many Hats) :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Oh Dear Sweet Mixed Up Me - I knew I could count on you to place a smile on my face. Good job! Especially love the Government forcing people to rename themselves. Is there any wonder why we have such a huge problem with identity theft?

Anglo Libyan – love the suggestions. My daughter’s name means Princess, so refuse to submit that to the inequities of the Government because after all Royalty does not mingle with the likes of that class. How rude, eh? ;-)

How about the name IbeeBarbie’s Astonishing Endeavors?

mani said...

um..sage of ibeebarbie??....

Lebeeya said...

Here are my suggestions:

IbeeBarbie HT (Hate's Tax)
IbeeBarbie JL (Journey of Life) - JL can also stand for Jennifer Lopaz :P

mani said...

Hows the name coming along ibee? :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mani,
I'm not certain that I'm worthy of the title Sage; however, thank you for the boast of confidence.

I did for time's sake decide on a rather boring name ibeebarbie Enterprises. Of course, had I had more creative time I would have loved to pick a name that symbolized my thoughts of the idiotic governmental regulations.

As I tend to believe the majority of political leaders are prostitutes because after all many if not all turn tricks for money, I thought it would be rather humourous to pick a stage name or movie name for the purposes of filing taxes. Hence the reason I was leaning with Astonishing Endeavors by ibeebarbie or maybe even ibeeBarbie Does Astonishing Endeavors.

Salam Lebeeya,
Nice of you to stop by and offer suggestions. Love the acronyms. In sticking with that theme perhaps ibeeBarbie DIGS (Dislikes Ignorant Governmental System)? Or maybe ibeebarbie EFBN (Elimination of Federal Bureaucratic Nonsense)? Oh with time, what an idol mind can do. :-)

Brave Heart said...

u know i think my name is the best, go for it Brave Heart, u wont find one better than this name i'm sure

ibeebarbie said...

Great suggestion Brave Heart. :-)