Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heart of Man

I've heard this on more than one occasion so am now finally wanting to know the answer, should anyone wish to shed some like on the subject.

Is it true that the way to get to a man's heart is through his stomach?


a_akak said...


Well for me you want me to do anything you get me the good food and then i will deliver :P plus i love food lol and they do say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so i guess there is alot of truth in that lol we are just misunderstood thats all :P

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Ahmed,
LOL@YES! I don't think misunderstood, but rather we (generally speak on behalf of women) like to believe it's more complicated than it really is. Eeeeck! I know I'm going to get myself in trouble with that one. :-)

Keepsmile5 said...

Assalamo Aliekoum
Umm, I am not sure wheather it is the only way to get in to a man's heart, But yeah yeah Ibeebarbie! It is absolutely true that the SHORTEST WAY to a man's heart is through his tommy :)"

By the way happy birthday to Amira May Allah yo7fedhalek and sorry for being late
Just keepsmilin

ibeebarbie said...

Walikoum Salam keepsmile5,
A pleasure to have you stop by my humble blog and post a comment.

I will keep your words in mind. :-)

Thank you for Amira's birthday wishes---very kind.

Mixed Up Me said...

Are my eyes working correctly? I swear that is our President with his hand over his stomach, while everyone else has their hand over their heart while most likely reciting the flag salute!! Do I need to have my eye prscription checked again??

PH said...

Yes, but it only last as long as the taste of the food lasts in our mouths :D . So you'll either be cooking all day or loosing out ....


piccolina said...

kind of YES loool , i did try it " wink "
but it's not a major thing though , i mean can eat from his cousin's food for a long time and nothing will touch his heart lol so i can say it only HELPS to get to his heart faster

Lebeeya said...

If that saying is true then I would have to say that no one knows the way better than a Libyan woman.

Anglo-Libyan said...

to most middleeastern men, I would say YES its true :o)

Lost-Libyan said...

NO chance in HELL!!
hey Ibeez...not for me...this is not the case with me, Im not much of an eater as u can see from da pics...and what attracts me to awoman is mainly her Intellect..I ve had it with the superficial girls we have here in the university...shallow empty headed! lol :P plz dont get me started! and of course the looks...the prettier she is the more responsive I am! ...wait a second isnt that kind of conrtadicting what I mentioned about superficiality!!! lol ...nobody is perfect! :)

a_akak said...

ok ok now we getting more technical here,

Although i still stick with my original comment, but its usually what the food represents that is the highway to a mans heart and not the actual food itself, and i agree with Lebeeya about Libyan women :), Us men are just misunderstood thats all.... ;P

Fe Aman Allah

Romana said...

heheh thats a cool question! and i think so, not all guys, some just have their hearts, somewhere else! if u know what i mean!

but who doesnot love good food? 2 of my closest friends sometimes drop by just to eat, hehehe, so there u go! my mom is a fanstastic cook, im going to invest in her as soon as i get some money saved up, and build her her dream resturant, inshalla Allah helps me with that!!! need lots of help!

so there u go! im hungry now, im gonna call mom and ask her wats for lunch! loool


ibeebarbie said...

Hi Mixed UP Me,
YOU GOT IT RIGHT! No need for getting prescription checked. Can you believe it----what a goof ball? Clearly the Mrs. needs to point out to him where his heart is, but then again maybe he doesn’t have one……..just a belly ache from perhaps some of his ‘choices’.

Salam PH,
LOL! Well, I suppose that’s one way of looking at it. On the other hand if he was eating all the time then he’d be a little unsightly wouldn’t he? So, it’s probably a good thing for his health and heart that the food run out once in a while. J

Salam Piccolina,
Excellent point.

Salam Lebeeya,
Well looks like I’ll be enrolling in your mom’s and Romana’s mom’s cooking class to earn my Libyan Culinary degree. Do you think that will work? Or will I have to somehow become a Libyan woman? Will it work universally?

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
LOL – thank you for the definitive.

Salam Lost-Libyan,
Ahhhhhhhhh to my darling sweet lost fella in the Gulf who is living with double standards. J So it’s not so much that she can cook, but that she looks good while being able to read the cookbook? :-P

Salam Ahmed,
LOL @ misunderstood men. I think this could be a new mantra for you habibi. :D It’s the time, the patience, the thought, the love that a woman puts into the preparation of the meal that ultimately gets to your heart and the food warms your stomach. Correct?

Salam Romana,
LOL @ hearts being some place else.

If your mom decides to hold cooking classes at her dream restaurant then please make sure my name is on the list. J

Lebeeya said...

lol, you don't need to do any of that.

Just keep spending time with us libyan bloggers, you will eventually turn Libyan without even getting a degree. You know how they say experience is more important than a certificate :P

*throws a rock at Bush*

Anonymous said...

maybe he is hungry and trying to hide the sounds lol

or mabye his heart is full of hatress that it fell in his stomach...and he is like uh oh :P

ibeebarbie said...

*blushing at Lebeeya’s words*

Morphing into a Libyan – how exciting! Certainly life’s education is far greater than an earned accredited certificate. 

LOL @ now I know why Bush is holding his stomach. Silly me I thought it was because he thought that’s where his heart was located, but now I know it was from flung Omani rock thrower.

Salam Ema,
Thank you for stopping. Welcome! LOL @ trying to muffle the grumbling tummy. You know to be honest, I’d hate to be in the public limelight all the time with knowing if you mess up once or a million times, someone's going to capture it and publicize it. It’s easy just being the critic….lol

Safia speaks said...

But did you know that only a few years ago Americans didn´t put their hand on their body when saltuting the flag?

Before the 50ies Americans saluted the flag by stretching out their right hand into the air like Nazis.