Friday, July 6, 2007

Heat Wave

For those living in the desert, the heat comes as no surprise, but for those of us that live in a wonderful climate community the summer heat can be too much. For that matter, the summer heat can be too much for anyone no matter what part of the globe they live on.

Temperatures climbed so high across much of the West on Thursday that authorities warned residents of Nevada, California and Arizona that outdoor activities could be dangerous except during the cooler early morning hours. Phoenix reached 115 degrees (their temperatures are taking in the shade, so true temperature is not posted); Baker, Calif., reached 125 degrees.

Last night the family gathered together to spent the last evening of my aunt’s visit before she traveled back to southern California today. As we were sitting around the dinner table my dad asked my nephew, who recently turned 11, what he did during the day. My nephew’s response was, “well, do the poor air quality today being dangerous we didn’t do much but stay inside.” Those of us sitting at the table sat in shock at first, then all burst out laughing because we didn’t expect to hear an 11 year old say “poor air quality being dangerous”, but rather something like, “it was too hot, so we stayed inside”. We all agreed we were going to try and use Anthony’s words the next time we wanted a day off from work. :-)

When my sister-in-law first walked in the door to my parents last night, I could see in her eyes something wasn’t right, but she always keeps a smile on her face so to those that don’t read people’s body language you wouldn’t detect anything as wrong. I asked her when we hugged if she was ok, and she said that she was, but that she was hot. Well, as the evening went on we learned that their swamp cooler’s (which by the way really stinks as a form of cooling) pump broke that day. With the temperature setting around 110 degrees and no pump to make the swamp cooler work, her house became like a sauna and the temperature indoors became seemingly hotter than outside. She took 4 or 5 showers throughout the day to try and cool off, and she was drinking lots of water to keep hydrated, but was still miserably hot. My brother was teaching a Haz-mat class that day at work, so wasn’t able to do anything about the cooler’s pump until he got home late that afternoon. By then, she was hot, mad, and dripping wet from the heat.

She was explaining this whole day to me, how hot she was and couldn’t take the heat. She told me at first my brother’s response was, “well, we’ll just go get blocks of ice from the store and put in our air-conditioner in our camper”. I looked at my brother and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me”. “ You are going to sleep in your camper which is parked in front of you house?” He and his friend just laughed, while I could see my sister-in-law was getting worked up again. My brother seeing this took the opportunity to get her more worked up. He said, “You know it’s real simple – when you’re hot open a window and when you’re cold close a window.” Of course, we knew he was saying this to push her buttons, but still I couldn’t help but say, “You’re such a jerk”.

Anyway, long story short they fixed the pump and as of last night the house was cooling off. Poor thing!


Boy, Interrupted said...

Hello there barbie :)
Thing is, when its cold you wish the summer would come so you could enjoy the sun, and in the summer its vice versa!!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Boy,
When inta? Have missed you and Lost-Libyan.

I know many are complaining of the heat. I for one love the heat--would rather have it than the cold--as I'm a whimp to cold weather. However, anything over 110 degrees is a tad bit warm, even for me. :-)

PH said...

Well first off I like your brother and his satire :D .... and since he is your brother he can't be as bad as you say :p .

As for the heat your nephew brings up a good point thats why in Libya we start work early ( 7:30 am ) and have to go home by noon ( 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ) even though there are some who are forced to stick it out till 5 pm but they usually work in air conditioned offices so it might be better than their homes :p and they are well paid.
Any personal business would have to be after dusk you'd be a fool to go out earlier .... I think the recent heat waves are from global warming you know in Libya its actually getting cooler in the summers than before and they've even had rain in the summer and snow in the winter in the mountainous area's thats really strange ..... rabi yaster .

Mixed Up Me said...

I used to use the poor air quality excuse when it was my day for yard duty . . . "I think I am going to keep my class inside today because it's a spare the air day!"

Anglo-Libyan said...

your poor sis-in-law, I hope she is feeling better now :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
You are right my brother does have a good sense of humor---but timing is everything. So perhaps his little attempt at ‘lighten’ the mood after his wife and son had been boiling all day wasn’t the best timing.

I’m packing mine and Amira’s bags now after reading Libya’s work schedule and heading overseas. :-P Although I can’t complain as truly we are blessed, alhamdullilah.

In all earnestness though I’m not too sure what I think about global warming as it seems to be a debatable topic amongst the scientific community.

Hi Mixed Up Me,
No wonder your kids love you. :-D

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Well, thankfully they got the pump fixed, and this morning the weather is a bit cooler, alhamdullilah. We at least have a little wind circulating which gives it the illusion of coolness. :-D

PH said...

"I’m packing mine and Amira’s bags now after reading Libya’s work schedule and heading overseas"

OK I booked the tickets, your flight is next Friday :p.

"In all earnestness though I’m not too sure what I think about global warming as it seems to be a debatable topic amongst the scientific community."

The thing with global warming is the debate is politicized and now it seems they all agree that the climate is changing in a dangerous way its just they don't agree on the reasons why that is so. Most don't want to attribute it to the industrial revolution so they don't have to cut back on emissions; but I think whatever the reasons there is a change in the natural trend of Climate even though the end result might be better; but the transitional period will be painful, something like the end of the ice age I'm imagining ..... of course only god knows what will happen so its mere speculation for now :).

salaam and enjoy the breeze the summer has only just started :).

ibeebarbie said...

Woooooooooooohooooooooooooo, Look out Libya here we come!

I agree with the debate being one of politics---that's when things become so painfully ugly. Ugh! Leave the politics out and lets get to an answer. I swear the debating is more painful than the climatic change.

I also agree there is a natural change happening and as you beautifully stated only God know what will happen.

Loving the summer---actually feels like I can move. Although most of my friends would disagree as they love the coolness of winter ---blah! :o)