Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I am in need of a wife. A wife who will assume all duties of the household, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and managing the finances, etc., as I seem to be failing miserably.

I am in the preparation phase for Amira’s birthday party, which is tomorrow. For some stupid reason we’ve taken a simple intimate celebration of being with family and eating some cake to an all time high. Now we must serve a meal, serve desert, and provide the little kiddies that come to the party with gifts to go home with. WTH! (What the Hell) Apparently it’s no longer politically correct to just allow the birthday child to have their own day and have gifts alone, nooooooooooo we have to make everyone feel special, so we have to give them all gifts too. UGH!

I’ve made it a point to not give Amira sugar since she was born. My reasoning behind that was as an adult she has her whole life to fill herself with countless supplies of sugary things, but as a child I thought it would be important to instill healthy eating habits by consuming fruits and vegetables. To some critics they feel I’m some how abusing my child because I won’t let her drink sugary sodas, eat candies, cookies, and cakes, etc. In fact, I was reprimanded for not giving her cake and ice cream on her first birthday. I gave her a beautiful glass filled with raspberries and a candle for her to blow out. On her second birthday I gave her a goblet filled with strawberries and a candle for her to blow out. Getting tired of the harassment I decided last year to make a sugar-free cake for her, which I did and it turned out really nice. My girlfriend, Mindy, being an excellent cake decorator decorated her cake and made it look like a Princess. It was adorable. So, this year I decided to make another cake for her. This one is a sugar-free cake with sugar-free cherry vanilla ice cream on the inside of the cake. Mindy and I have been working on this cake for two days now. One day to make it, fill it with the ice cream, and then back in the freezer to set up. Yesterday went back to Mindy’s to decorate it. We are frosting the cake with cream cheese, and our own flavoring. We decided in the mist of decorating it last night to weigh it because it’s seemed really heavy. We employed Mindy’s daughter, Cody, to step on the scale for the weighing because there was no way in hell Mindy and I were getting on the scale. Cody stood on the scale and weighed her self, then stepped on it again with the cake, ran for the calculator and came up with the cake weighing 11 lbs. (5 kilos). We were literally shocked. We laughed so hard and could not believe it, and we weren’t even finished decorating it. We still have to put the fresh raspberries, crown, and candles on the darn thing, so it will probably be even more.

Anyway, I decided that since my Hunting and Gathering skills (masculine qualities) seem to over dominate my domestic skills (presumably feminine qualities), leaving me feeling at odds with myself, and since I’ve not been successful in landing a husband yet, that perhaps I’d be better off trying to land a wife. :-)


PH said...

Well happy forth birthday to Amira and I'm sure she'll enjoy the cake nonetheless ....... if not send it to me :p.
And don't worry about what other people say I think your doing a good job ......


Lebeeya said...

Happy Birthday to Amira!!! Hope she has a great day.

I like your logic behind not giving her any sugar and it makes perfect sense to me. You are in no way abusing her, you are taking really good care of her health :)

I hope by wife you mean housemaid or nanny? :P

but really... you are better off like this..


who needs amazing strong arms to get lost in?
and big beautiful eyes to gaze into?

Ok, I will stop ................ lol

a_akak said...

First and foremost HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMIRA and may she have many many more happy birthdays to come

I actually agree with you about the sugar stuff, although she might feel at odds with it but atleast you give her teeth a few years extra but you will be putting some dentists out of business

BTW take a picture of that cake, Yeah i have thing for cakes :) especially with ice cream ahhhhhh actually i LOVE MY ICE CREAM anyway i can go forever......

Fe aman allah

Libyano said...

Happy Birthday to Amira
one day when amira grows up she will thank you for the sugar free diet for sure

god bless you :)

Libyano said...

akak how did u get in here :S
man you are so fast :P

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
Happy Birthday to dear sweet Amira and many Happy returns inshaAllah :o)

what you need is a house husband not a wife :oD

I am glad that you are sticking to the no sugar diet, I rey as much as possible with my kids by not allowing fizzy drinks in the house and only buying them sweets occasionaly but we are not that good, occasionally I take them to McDonalds or Burger King.

regarding the party, both of my kids have and love their birthday party and yes even here you have to have a party bag for every child, for a boy and a girl containing diffrent toys and sweets, you know my kids enjoy preparing these bags more than anything else, im sure Amira would love to help :o)
Allah bless you and keep you to Amira and inshaAllah things get better for you soon :o)

mani said...

happy birthday to the amoora amira :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
Thank you from Amira.
I’ll be sure and send you a slice, but make sure you don’t go swimming after eating it as you may drown. :-)

Salam Lebeeya,
Thank you from Amira.

LOL @ at needing amazing strong arms to get lost in, and beautiful eyes to gaze into. Yes definitely don’t want to be looking for those in a wife. Besides I do miss those qualities you mentioned, so will continue to seek the husband. :-)

Salam Ahmed,
Thank you from Amira.
Dentist will hate me, but I’ll take that chance. ;-)
I’ll be sure and take picture of the cake, and then describe how wonderfully delicious the ice cream was, just for you.

Salam Libyano
Thank you from Amira.
You know what’s really funny. I take sugar-free things to Amira’s school, and all the kids want it. Also, one time I left Amira with my friend’s mom so we could go to the store, and my friend reminded her that Amira didn’t eat sugar. Her mom’s response (with almost a panic look in her face) was, “oh—well then what can she eat?” Seems silly, but far too often a true response by many.

Salam Anglo-Libyan
Thank you from Amira.
LOL @ house husband. :-P
Well, I’m going to take your advice and have Amira help me stuff those “goodie” bags with the Dollar Tree crap we bought, and hopefully it’s an enjoyable experience. I was smart though, I even got a goodie bag for her too, so she wouldn’t feel left out---as if all the other stuff she gets won’t be enough. :D

Salam Mani,
Thank you from Amira.
You are so sweet. Thank you for remembering Amira.