Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Well this weekend was musicals galore.

On Saturday after dance practice, I picked Amira up at my parents’ house. I just knew the first thing she was going to ask me (as she had been asking for 4 days in a row at this point) if she could go to Charming Child's house and play her piano. Now to the best of my knowledge she had no knowledge of Charming Child even having a piano, but with Amira nothing surprises me because she's extremely intuitive. So on my way up to my parents house, I contacted Mixed Up Me and told her I was being proactive just in case Amira asked about the "piano" again, and Mixed Up Me said to call her once we left my parents house.

So loaded up in the car, waving "bye-bye" to grandma and grandpa, Amira says, "Can I play Charming Child's piano?" I told her I had to call Mixed Up me, to which she said, "Ok, call her NOW Momma". I responded that my phone didn't work right NOW because grandma and grandpa live in the country and Momma's phone doesn't always get resception, to which she responded "it's ok Momma - you can try in a minute".

As soon as I had service I called Mixed Up Me and told her that Amira hadn't even waited for us to pull out of my parents driveway before asking is she could play Charming Child's piano, and we both laughed. Mixed Up Me stated that we best let her play the piano otherwise she'll never stop asking us, so we made arrangements to go to their house.

We walked in the door and immediately went to the piano, and Amira assumed the position of pianist and the following are snippets from her performance.


On Monday evening my dad and I had a date to go see the movie Hairspray. My parents had seen it the week before and my dad just cracked up, so I was thrilled to be seeing it with him just for the mere fact of hearing him crack up. I love it when I hear someone genuinely laugh so hard. Just as I suspected, he laughed so hard to which of course I couldn’t help but laugh at both the movie, which was great, and my dad for being so tickled. It was a great evening.


Mixed Up Me said...

That is quite the little Mozart you have there! I think I am going to put my video on my site too, because she bows at the end and it is adorable, plus CC has a little dance number as well. Glad you and your Dad had a good time at your "first" viewing of Hairspray!

Sooooooo, how many times has she asked to play the piano since Saturday?

ibeebarbie said...

Hi there,
LOL! Can't wait to see the bowing Mozart video and the ballerina, CC.

Well it was my "first" viewing with Dad. :p V and her cousins saw it this weekend, and of course it was her "first" viewing with them as well. :D

Mixed Up Me said...

Hey, I found Hairspray music on Project Playlist . . .

PH said...

Mashaa allah to Amira and may God protect her for you :). I'm glad you enjoyed the movie with your father I haven't seen it yet, don't think I will either musicals don't do it for me :D . I think I'll watch the "The Bourne Ultimatum" this Friday instead .

I wasn't going to comment on the banner you put up on the main page ... but after seing your new profile image, the Hijabia, you gonna chose between the two ? or keep both ? they kinda don't work togethor :))).


Anglo-Libyan said...

MashaAllah, Amira is so good and confident, did she make up the song/words?

give her a big hug please, she is so pretty, may Allah bless her :o)

white african said...

aaaaaaaaw mashallah, amira is so adorable and she plays alot better than me :)

i want to watch hairspray as well, i just dont have the time, actually i have alist of films i want to watch including harry potter

Brave Heart said...

mashaliha , amira looks amira really.
i have this thing called piano in my house, but i never know how to used,i like jangle musical tools like drums .u r lucky to see movies because i'm very busy in BH life movie

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
Well, then let me know how you like The Bourne Ultimatum. :-) And now worries, I don’t dislike you any less because you don’t do musicals….LOOOOOOOOOOOL

Oh contraire, I think they very much do work together as they seem in some ways to explain the esotericism of women. Although I’d prefer to use my own eyes, these will have to do until I have the photo taken. There’s something very mysterious about both. The night scene as well as the mermaid reveals the hidden quixotic and sensuality of a woman. The veiled eyes display the windows to the soul, yet divulge nothing else. Both mystifying and alluring, yet only touchable to very few.

WOW! That was probably too much, huh?

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
LOL – Yes, she was making up the song as she went along. She’s so adorable. She’s a great reminder to me to be more childlike and not take everything soooooooooooooo seriously.

Thank you. I will give her lots of hugs for you. :o)

Salam White African,
She plays better than me as well…………..LOL

With time, inshallah, you’ll be able to catch up on all your list of films. :-)

Salam Brave Heart,
Wallahi Amira is very befitting of her name, Amira.
Oh how I wish I had a piano in my house as that’s probably one of my favorite musical instruments next to the harp and drums.

I’d be very curious to know more about the BH life movie.

Brave Heart said...

what can i say ibee, it's mix between Egyptian and Indian films but without sining and dancing

Brave Heart said...

BTW very nice new picture

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Brave Heart,
Well I'm not certain if it's your lucky day or not, but I'm in such a funny mood that I'm literally cracking myself up. When I read your comment a number of things went through my head.

BH life movie = mix of Egyptian and Indian films, but without sining and dancing. Does that mean it’s funny, loud and spicy? Very creative and witty with a distinctive accent?

How about if Amira and I come over; she plays on that thing called a piano in your house, and makes up one of her songs, while I’ll play jungle sounds on a drum as back up, and you can kick up your heels and dance a little something. Dancing is goooooooood. :o)

Then we can call the BH life movie, the BH life movie the sequel as it will have some new added adventures.

See----told you I was in a goofy mood.

But on a serious note – more info on the BH life movie–menfadlock. ;-)

Thank you for noticing the photo.

ryles said...

I cant wait to get home and see these videos with sound!! Although they are quite entertaining without also..
Maybe its time for piano lessons..
My sister can drop her off on the way to her tap dance classes.. :)

Brave Heart said...

hahaha ibee, i hope u r always in this mood, welcome at any time at least u will put some Hollywood touches im my life movie

mani said...


SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! :) :) :) :)

Ya Rab Yo7fedha (May God keep her Safe) :) :)

I love kids.. take good care of that lil angel and yourself ibee :)

salam sis

ibeebarbie said...

Hi Ryles,
It was pretty funny to watch while Charming Child did her best little dance number to accompany the music.

P.S. LOOOOOOOL As if your sister’s limo service doesn’t do enough driving and delivery everyday we’ll just add a little more. I’m sure it won’t be a problem. :-)

Salam Brave Heart,
Alhamdullilah! Nice to see us both get a chuckle---perfect day when that happens.

Salam my dearest brother Mani,
She’s a spittin’ image of her Momma……LOOOOOOL.
Thank you. Indeed she is an angel to me, Ya Rab Yo7fedha.

dusk till dawn said...

thats realy cool Amira is loving music and specialy playing piano . who knows maybe one day she will be a famous star inshallah,
and we all invited to her concert.iam sure she is giving u pleasure, so ur dad had great times, loughed the nite way.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Dusk Till Dawn,

Thank you. Absolutely, front seats will available for all my Libyan family once she makes it to the concert hall. :-)

Happymoi said...

Again, as always, very cute:) May Allah protect her..

She has the talent, why not give her some piano lessons?!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Thank you! Well, I can do one thing at a time and had already signed her up for dance class. Inshallah one day we'll be able to do the piano lessons. Her choice actually as it really doesn't matter to me as long as she has fun.

Mr: Madi said...

What a cute lovely beautiful girl you have ,,,,, she is gorgeous RABI e’7lihalk In sha ALAH

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Mr. Madi,
Thank you so much. RABI e’7lihalk In sha ALAH.

PH said...

@ ibeebarbie :

"RABI e’7lihalk In sha ALAH"

That means 'may God preserve her for you' ( loosely translated ) so you can't reply to Mr.Madi in the same manner as she isn't his wife or daughter :p. We usually reply with Yesalmak, which I don't know the English equivalent of, but is similar in meaning to bless you :).

salaam :P

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the clarification.

I think I best stick with English as I know it a little better than Arabic. :-)