Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tea Time

Well Amira and I have been quit busy the last couple of weeks going back and forth between our house and the dance studio, as my group is preparing for a performance at the State Fair on Labor Day.

Anyway, on our route to and from our house out of the corner of my eye one day I spotted this little pink building that looked like a dollhouse. So, last Saturday as we drove by we spotted not only the pink building but the cutest little pink VW bug we’ve ever seen. Of course, we had to capture a picture for our blog family. After doing some research, I learned this facility was actually a tearoom where they hold private tea parties for all ages. In fact, this Sunday we are going to a tearoom (different than this one) for my best friend Mindy’s birthday. We will be seated, asked to place our tea order (teas from all around the globe) then we get to go to the "Vanity Closet" while tea is being prepared. The "Vanity Closet" is a room filled with all sorts of girlie items, from hats, gloves, tiaras, boas, glasses, etc. Once we are all dazzled up in our outfits we return to our table where our tea as well as an assortment of finger foods will be served. We are all so excited to go and get in touch with our "inner child" our "hidden diva" or just plain "silliness" for an afternoon of good company and laughter.
In the meantime, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get what’s on top of the pink VW onto my car….LOL


Mixed Up Me said...

I can't wait!!!

Lebeeya said...

The teahouse sounds like a lot of fun!! And the crown on top of the car is cute.

Have fun Mindy's birthday. Waiting to hear all about it!

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
nice car but im not sure about driving it with a Tiara on top :o)

I am sure you will enjoy your girlie tea dance, have a good time.

a_akak said...

now who in his right frame of mind would rent a pink tea house ? (no offence to anyone who might have/will rent/ed it) anyway its a good feeling to be the grinch of the group lol

PS: Have fun with mindy :D

fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Hi Mixed Up Me,
Me too! I haven't even told Amira yet, but know she'll be so excited once we get there.

Salam Lebeeya,
I'm not sure whose going to have more fun the grown girls or the little girls. :-P

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Well I'm not sure about driving with that tiara on it either, but I do know the car moves because it's not always there. Perhaps, we'll have to do a little stake-out just to find out what happens to that tiara when the car moves. lol

Salam Ahmed,
Ahhhhhhhhh Cutie-Pie Grinch aka Ahmed must be back in the U.K. now. :-( No worries though we love you even when your 'grinchy'. :-)

PH said...

Nice car thanks for grabbing a picture of it for us . Hope you have a good tea party yourself with Mindy and the gang ......


mani said...

Muhahahahaha THAT IS AWESOME!!!

any takers for a buisness idea in tripoli of providing a 'Seria' or procession of flashy cars? if you have the '3aroosa's (bride's) car decked out in a tiara plus some other crazy stuff... oh god i can just see the Libyan women queuing to reserve for their daughters...

anyways :P.. I hope you have a great time on Sunday ibee salams to mixed up me, precious amira and the rest of em!! :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
Thank you!

Salam Mani,
I think that would be the coolest thing to see all the women driving around in Princess Mobiles. :-)