Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Chicken Little - THE SKY IS FALLING

These days I'm finding myself more and more feeling like Chicken Little with his infamous quote "the sky is falling".

As some, all or none may know I'm an independent loan processor for a mortgage broker in California, and as of lately we have been receiving notice after notice that Lenders are going out of business. I'm being told through my work that this doesn't necessarily effect my position with the exception of we have to go out and find other Lenders that will loan our clients money for their homes. Thankfully the clients we work with all have exception credit, so resources although a little more hectic to find are still available for them. However, due to so many people in the U.S. letting their homes go into foreclosure because they can no longer afford their mortgage as well as so many people being out of work because of the recent closing of financial lending institutions it causes me great concern for my own well-being. After all isn't it a dog-eat-dog world out there-----everyone must look out for themsevesf?

I purposely do not watch the news or read it (perhaps not the wisest thing to do) because it causes me such stress. I'm so extremely sensitive that I take all of this stuff personally and let it eat at me until I'm nearly physically sick. A gene (probably not genetically authentic) passed on from my father called "worrying" was certainly one I inherited.

I realize that there's an ebb and flow to everything in life. I can logically rationalize that over centuries the financial market is strong and weak. There's countless documents of historical data that will show that there are good times financially as well as hard times financially, and somehow in the end it all balances out.

I've seem to have been a blessed being in somehow always managing to get by. I've never been what one would consider financially successful, and yet I've never required applying for unemployment income from the government because of always being gainfully employed.

Nonetheless, the current state of affairs still worries me. Eventhough, logically and emotionally I need to not worry about it as that's showing a lack of faith, in my humanness I still do. I've been on this planet for quite some time now and have weathered many storms, but for some reason this particular storm has me gravely concerned for some reason.

Ugh! Sometimes it just stinks being a grown-up. LOL And if I'm completely being honest as well as stereotypical, I hate being the man of the family worrying about this kind of stuff.


Lost-Libyan said...

Ture, I always envy women for they stay at home and manage to live a good life!lol
Ibee whats up? dont worry about the job, u always find an alternative, one more thing u should keep in mind that u need to get a plan B for everything, thats what people like me do all the time ;)
if things go worse, u can always get a good job offer in Libya ;) give it a thought :)
OHH....time goes by so slowly at work! anyways let me check other blogs hoping to kill more time! lol :P

a_akak said...

dont worry ibee as money is given down to us by allah's willing and he will give us from places we never knew exsisted, so have faith and work hard and the rest is not down to you

mani said...

:) salam ibee.. if you are up for investing an hours worth into some not-so technical reading.. i reckon ud get a fuller and more sensible picture... although the future for the US is really scary... you will be less afraid :)


enjoy :)

mani said...

actually double click the line cause its not displayed fully..

and by the way.. I loved the last paragraph lolol

Safia speaks said...

I´m a real estate and business investor, and for the last few years the media over here has kept bringing "chicken-sky-stories" about the "real estate bubble" and how it is going to blast very, very, very soon.
Okay, prizes have fallen a bit, and my family moans and wants me to sell, sell, sell - of course they don´t understand the value of real estate and the money it makes by being let out to people and business.

There is a very good advice I once received. It says: buying to sell with a profit is just like gambling. You must always ask yourself: does it pay to OWN, not "does it pay to sell".

This is the advice I try living by when dealing with real estate and stocks.

ibeebarbie said...

LOL @ Lost - that's probably why guys die first because they aren't living the good life. Is that what you're trying to say? LOL

Salam Ahmed,
Thank you for the sound advice and certainly a theory I try to stick to, but occasionally my humanness gets the best of me. :-)

Salam Mani,
Not sure which one I was suppose to read, but not certain I'm less scared....LOL

Salam Safia,
Excellent advice.

dusk till dawn said...

well ibeebarbie

lifeis a challenge.and always gonna be winner and loser, dealing in markets not that easy its a risk we all take, its great when u make aprofit and things going smooth, u do not think abt whats next, but lately every thing is a big game when its comes to money and dealing and wheeling,always a dark side we have not been told by the big boys who u work for,ur just as good as ur last job, u got every rite to worry, specialy if ur honest.but iam sure i hope not gonna happend.but if so ,u will be just as successful as b in a new job.u shut one door. its always a nother door open,be wise and open ur eyes

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Dusk Till Dawn,
Well stated. You are right. Everything always works - that's the beauty of Allah, allahakbar!

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
I like chicken little :o)

well after Safia's advice and the others, there is not much I can add except to wish you the best of luck, inshaAllah khair.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,

I'm just blessed for you stopping by and sharing your regards, alhamdullilah.

PH said...

I was just watching the Colbert report online and I saw this segment I thought you might like it ... its related to your problem right ?