Sunday, September 23, 2007

Greetings and Salutations

Salam Everyone,

It’s become apparent we have been essentially carbon-copied by an entity that certainly lacks social skills, moralistic respect for humans, and a lack of educated knowledge.

Personally I neither take heed to their words based on the above assumption of this entity nor do I feel justification in responding to such preposterous filth----for then it would be an acknowledgement of their words meaning anything which they do not.

May we continue to gather in the loving respectful fashion that we do as well as hold true to ourselves and our beliefs with humble dignity. The words that were shared have absolutely no meaning unless we give them meaning, and considering the above described characterized entity why would we even grant their existence?

So anyway, Amira has picture day on Monday so will be excited to share those when they are available.

Also, her dance school will be performing the Nutcracker and her class will be the candy canes in the production. I can hardly wait to see that.

Other than that not much else is new, as we are slowly preparing (somewhat begrudgingly on my part) for the fall to come. UGH! I LOVE summer! We had our first rain last week and I nearly fell into a coma with sadness….LOL, but just as quickly as the rain came and went the sun re-appeared. Whew!


a_akak said...

it is sad and as u said, acknowledging them is what they want to i decided to ignore them, however, i am sad that i was forced to implement a "moderating" measure on my blog to avoid there remarks

I hope amira and u have a good time with the photo shoot and the play

fe aman allah

dusk till dawn said...

ur right just some body there whos been sick. and close minded to, trying to ignite hatred, i do respect all faiths and religions .i know what i wrote was hash stupid of me i do apologize ,
great to see Amira getting involve in all play,looking forward for the pics ,iam sure she will make u proud, i think summer is gone 4 ever in england rain and cold now days.and ther nites getting shorter, salam

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Ibeebaribe
thank you for that, thats how i felt about it too, I actually found the same comment repeated on no less than 20 of my posts!

looking forward to Amia's pictures :o)